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What we do

Rucksack Challenge

Winter Campaign 2015/16, Rucksack Challenge!

Imagine trying to get to sleep when everything you’re wearing is wet and clinging to your skin, when you’re huddled in a doorway on a cold, hard pavement and you haven’t had a hot drink or food for days. Thankfully for most people, imagining is the closest you’ll get to this. This is the reality for rough sleepers only minutes away from the warmth of your home.

So at winter, we wanted to share the warmth with The Rucksack Challenge. The idea was to fill a bag with winter essentials like food, warm layers, a sleeping bag - and give it to a homeless person near you.

Rucksack Challenge

It just took four simple steps:

1) Sign up! Fill in the form and get the Rucksack Challenge Pack.

2) Pack your bags! Pack the rucksack with the list of essentials (food, sleeping bag, hat, etc.)

3) Share the warmth! Give the rucksack to a homeless person and share the warmth.

4) Spread the word! Nominate friends and family to get involved in the challenge; and share your pictures of what you packed!