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As a faith based international NGO, Muslim Aid draws upon a rich heritage of social action and working with various communities to improve the lives of others in need. Muslim Aid commits itself to working with: 

  • Compassion and justice (Ru’ufun and ‘Adl) in all of our actions.
  • Accountability and transparency (Muhasabah and Shafafyah) to all of our stakeholders, especially the communities which we work with.
  • Action with quality (Amal m’a Jawadah) – our programmes reflect and fill a gap identified by the communities we work with, with longer term actions based upon need and capacity.
  • Respect for rights, dignity and equal opportunity (Karamah and Sawaseyah) of all peoples.
  • Empowerment (Tamkeen) communities and individuals to reach their potential

 Inspired by our faith, we work with an inclusive approach to all peoples; regardless of their faith, race, ethnicity, age and ability.

We recognise the complexity and dynamic nature of the work we engage with, and actively seek a participatory approach from all levels to address the underlying structural and systematic causes of poverty within the communities we work with.

Working in this manner enables us to partner with all those committed to improving the lives of others, regardless of their own faith (or none) and/or political persuasion.

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