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Need is Greatest

Serving others is proof of our belief. When it comes to crisis situations, serving victims in a timely and effective way is everything. Donate now to Need is Greatest and ensure we can be there when it really matters. Serving is believing.


Serving is believing.

When you give to Need is Greatest, you serve those people who are most in need of support, whether that is in the form of emergency aid, shelter, essential food, safe water, or urgent medical intervention.

We believe serving is a core aspect of our faith. At Muslim Aid, we serve because we believe in a fairer and better world.

Give. Gain. Grow.

Giving to others means that they gain from your support and together, the whole Ummah can grow.

When you give to where the Need is Greatest, you can be reassured your donation will reach those who require the most urgent support. Join us in our call to serve with immediate impact and give towards Need is Greatest.

£30 Could go towards our Need is Greatest fund.

£60 Could provide a war-affected family with essential food for a month.

£97 Could provide a survival pack including food, clothing, and other essential items.

£200 Could provide safe and secure shelter to the most vulnerable.

£350 Could provide life-saving medicine and healthcare facilities.

£1,000 Could provide clean drinking water to an entire community. 

Together, we are serving humanity.

For over 35 years, our teams on the ground have been serving humanity around the world, working through our field offices and partners. We have been working closely with communities to identify those who are most vulnerable, in need, or at risk. We have built strong relationships with the communities we serve and are able to deliver interventions that have the most impact.

Your donations to Need is Greatest will contribute to essential work, including:

  • Allowing remote communities to access safe water
  • Stabilising the livelihoods of widows and protection for orphans
  • Ensuring displaced people are safe and sheltered
  • Urgent medical care for the sick, disabled, pregnant women and babies
  • Regular food supply for those caught in extreme poverty

Nisreen is a 36-year-old mother-of-four who lives in Palestine. She does not work, and her husband suffers from mental health issues due to the trauma of war. Their house is not fit for living, letting in rain and cold, and is in severe disrepair. It is literally sinking and affecting the health of her children. Last year, Muslim Aid provided the family with blankets and heaters and built a more adequate shelter to protect them. Although their living conditions are difficult, this has made a huge difference to Nisreen’s daily life and the health of her family. We continue to monitor the family in our food and nutritional programmes.

With Need is Greatest, you can trust your donation will reach and immediately relieve the burdens of the most vulnerable.

Donate to Muslim Aid Need Is Greatest Appeal today to support and help those in need.

Serving is Believing. Donate now


Funds raised from this appeal, will enable Muslim Aid to deliver all of its activities, including responding where the Need Is Greatest.

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