Need is Greatest

When you give to people in need, you could help save and change lives, enabling us to reach widows, orphans, the elderly and vulnerable. For over 35 years we have been serving humanity around the world, and we’re working hard to ensure that everyone receives the basic human rights they deserve.

Your donation to our Need is Greatest appeal has the power to save and change lives. Enabling us to reach widows, orphans, the elderly and vulnerable who are suffering due to the effects of poverty, drought, disaster and conflict. 

When you give to people in need, you give more than just food and shelter. You give hope and a future. 

With over 68 million people currently displaced from their homes due to war or natural disaster, a huge proportion of the world’s population struggle to survive in the direst of conditions. Millions do not have access to clean water and go to sleep each night malnourished and hungry. Many more lack suitable shelter or protection from further harm. 

Nobody left behind. Nobody forgotten.

For over 35 years we are been serving humanity around the world, working in 20 countries through our field offices and partners.

In 2018: 

  • 329, 457 received livelihood support
  • 1.26 million were given health and medical care
  • 517,624 children and young people were able to access education.

We work hard to find and focus on people living in remote communities, to ensure that everyone receives the basic human rights they deserve. From water, food, shelter and education, to livelihood support and sustainable solutions, we support people who are in desperate need of help. 

The humanitarian crisis in Somalia is complex and continuous. More than 3.1 million Somalis are in acute need of humanitarian assistance for survival due to ongoing disaster, conflict and abject poverty. Drought has further pushed isolated communities to the brink of famine. 

In 2018 we gave food and sustenance to over 32,000 people. Since then we have worked hard to deliver health, education, livelihood and water development across the region. This includes empowering Somali women to build their own businesses, delivering training to combat gender-based violence and establishing water reservoirs for safe water supply. Your support last year also meant we delivered vaccination clinics and malaria prevention programmes that literally saved lives.

Together let’s make a difference.

For over 35 years, we have been delivering aid around the world on your behalf, to people who really need it.  

  • Helping widows and children living in extreme poverty 
  • Providing water and sanitation to those experiencing drought and famine 
  • Saving lives with operations and neo-natal care 
  • Providing shelter to displaced people, alone and vulnerable, having fled for their lives. 

You can make a difference to their lives and their future.

Through the years we have worked hard to build established links with to reach remote areas and deliver long-term and sustainable aid programmes. We remain committed to ensuring that those in the greatest of need can receive a brighter future. 

But we need your help to continue.

£60 Food Pack
Could provide a family with essential food nutrients

£120 Water
Could provide clean safe drinking water to a family 

£210 Emergency Kit
Could ensure we are ready to respond when a disaster or emergency situation arises

£350 Shelter and Medicine
Could provide urgent shelter and medicine to vulnerable families

Just £120 can relieve the hardships of those in the greatest of need and help build a brighter future.

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