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What is Gift Aid?

Gift Aid is a government scheme which allows UK charities to claim back the basic rate tax already paid on donations by you.

If you pay less income Tax and/or Captain Gains Tax in the current year than the amount of Gift Aid claimed on your donations in that tax year, it is your responsibility to pay the difference.

We can’t claim Gift Aid on a donation made by you on behalf of a company or a friend.

Higher rate taxpayers can claim tax relief on the donation.


We use Gift Aid from donors that ask us to claim back Gift Aid to help run the organisation. We use Gift Aid to pay for the salaries of staff that support the organisation, including Marketing and Finance. We use Gift Aid to pay for regular costs such as IT and professional services such as audit fees. We also use Gift Aid towards maintaining and developing the technology to provide a great service to applicants and donors. We review our costs and make every effort to keep all our costs to a minimum.

By completing the Gift Aid declaration form or By choosing to add Gift Aid on the website, you confirm that you are a UK taxpayer and this means that we can claim back 25p for every £1 donated from the government, on your behalf in the last four years and any future donations at no extra cost or effort for you.

If you’ve changed your name or address, or your donations no longer qualify for Gift Aid due to a change in your tax circumstance, please let us know. You can email us on [email protected].

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