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Muslim Aid Blog

  • UN Day 2016

    24th October, 2016

    United Nations (UN) Day marks the day in which 50 nations met to draw up the United Nations Charter in 1945. Since the UN was established, it has made huge developments across the world in…

  • The £20,000 pledge. All for one and one for all.

    The £20,000 pledge by Tuba Mazhari

    24th October, 2016

    Last week, Saturday, I had the pleasure of attending Muslim Aid’s Women’s charity ball. The ball was set in a beautiful location in the heart of London. Food and drinks were…

  • Muslim Aid and You: Warming Hearts since 2012

    Muslim Aid and You: Warming Hearts since 2012

    18th October, 2016

    As the season's change and the colder weather begins to set in, we will soon find ourselves layering clothes, reaching for the hot water bottle and switching on the central heating –…

  • World Food Day 2016

    16th October, 2016

    “Climate is changing. Food and Agriculture must too.” October 16 th is World Food Day, marking the founding of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations…

  • Time is a Blessing

    Time is a Blessing

    13th October, 2016

    Another   Qurbani  has passed us by, another  Eid-ul-Adha , another year, another blessing. . If Qurbani teaches us anything, it is that we are blessed to be so fortunate in…

  • Rimsha with her younger sister

    International Day of the Girl Child

    11th October, 2016

    Hi, my name is Rimsha and I live in the small town of Golra in Pakistan. When I was just four years old, my father died of a heart attack, leaving behind my mother to look after me and my…

  • A Means to a New End

    A Means to a New End

    11th October, 2016

    It’s that time of year again; we have officially seen the last of the summer weather for the year and the kids have all gone back to school. Everywhere we look, there are uniforms to be…

  • International Day of the Girl Child

    International Day of the Girl Child

    11th October, 2016

    Hi, my name is Fatou and I come from a small town called Bakau in Gambia. At 20, I’m a fortunate lady to be working for the charity Africa Relief for Response & Development (ARRDO).…

  • International Day of Older Persons

    1st October, 2016

    The International Day of Older Persons serves as a day to celebrate the positive contributions that older people make to society. It is also a painful reminder that they are often among the…

  •  Working Together

    Working Together

    27th September, 2016

    Relief aid organisations tend to stay busy all year long. They often don't take breaks or go on holidays as there are millions of people around the world counting on vital aid provided by…