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Muslim Aid Blog

  • What's Your Good Deed for the Day?

    What’s Your Good Deed for the Day?

    16th March, 2017

    Every day is a new day – we wake up with but a memory of yesterday’s events, ready to start afresh and make the day one to be remembered for all of the right reasons. Of course,…

  • Supporting Women on International Women's Day

    Supporting Women on International Women’s Day

    7th March, 2017

    Every day, thousands of women across the world live in poverty and have to deal with the effects of issues such as violence and homelessness. Many of these women are stuck in impossible…

  • Emergency Appeals: Helping Those in Need

    Emergency Appeals: Helping Those in Need

    2nd March, 2017

    Every single day across the world, there are people less fortunate than ourselves for whom daily life is a constant difficulty. These people are often struggling to survive and make a life…

  • Cambodia Visit

    Cambodia Visit

    10th February, 2017

    It’s the 9 th of January 2017. 9 days into the New Year and I’m sat at the back of an old green jeep, hurtling towards Kandal province in Cambodia. Its 30 degrees and I feel…

  • International Day for Tolerance 2016

    16th November, 2016

    On the day of its fiftieth anniversary, 16 November 1995, UNESCO's Member States adopted a Declaration of Principles on Tolerance. This day now marks the International Day for Tolerance…

  • World Diabetes Day 2016

    14th November, 2016

    Each year on 14 th November, people around the world mark World Diabetes Day-a day in which awareness is raised about the condition as well as its associated risks and how to manage them.…

  • Aid distribution in Iraq

    Iraq’s Chance For Peace

    9th November, 2016

    As an Iraqi watching the fall of Mosul, it’s hard to escape the feeling that it’s all happening again. The conflict in Mosul has triggered yet another humanitarian crisis and an…

  • UN Day 2016

    24th October, 2016

    United Nations (UN) Day marks the day in which 50 nations met to draw up the United Nations Charter in 1945. Since the UN was established, it has made huge developments across the world in…

  • The £20,000 pledge. All for one and one for all.

    The £20,000 pledge by Tuba Mazhari

    24th October, 2016

    Last week, Saturday, I had the pleasure of attending Muslim Aid’s Women’s charity ball. The ball was set in a beautiful location in the heart of London. Food and drinks were…

  • Muslim Aid and You: Warming Hearts since 2012

    Muslim Aid and You: Warming Hearts since 2012

    18th October, 2016

    As the season's change and the colder weather begins to set in, we will soon find ourselves layering clothes, reaching for the hot water bottle and switching on the central heating –…