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Muslim Aid Blog

  • From Summer Camp to Refugee Camp

    8th April, 2014

    If the Syrian people wanted a change of scenery, this is certainly not what they had in mind. No one living in Syria would have imagined that they would be displaced from their home country…

  • Don’t Forget About Syria

    4th April, 2014

    The whole world has been caught up with the deadly devastation left behind by Typhoon Haiyan, the second deadliest tycoon on record to hit in the Philippines. In a span of mere days, it has…

  • Polio Spreading Fast in Syria

    26th March, 2014

    Initial reports out of Syria confirm multiple cases of Polio reported both on the borders with Lebanon and within the country. To date, 13 children have been crippled by it making this the…

  • Charity Giving Options for Various Individuals with Different Aims

    20th March, 2014

    Every person has a different approach when it comes to giving charity. While some people like giving away cash to the homeless, some like signing a check to a charitable organisation. A lot…

  • Sponsor a Syrian Child Today

    30th December, 2013

    UNHCR just recently released updated statistics on the Syrian crisis. The numbers that came through shocked everyone. It paints a very grim picture of just how bad the situation on the ground…

  • Challenges Facing Refugee Camps in Jordan

    17th December, 2013

    Jordan has taken a lead humanitarian role in assisting Syrian refugees throughout the ongoing Syrian crisis. Coming up on almost 3 years since the conflict began, the country has been…