Emergency Aid

Your donation will mean we can deliver humanitarian aid within the critical first 72 hours of an emergency, saving and protecting lives. We want to continue to serve humanity, and a regular donation of just £5 can ensure our work never stops.

Time is critical when lives are at risk. Trapped, injured, scared and in danger - getting help to people in need is literally a matter of life and death. Every second is important and getting aid delivered at the right time is all that matters.

In a state of emergency, you can ensure we are there to help.

That’s why our teams work quickly and efficiently to reach those suffering, with the help they desperately need. Your donation means we can deliver humanitarian aid within the critical first 72 hours of an emergency, saving and protecting lives.

We've been able to help 7.5 million people in disaster-hit countries in the last 4 years. We want to continue to serve humanity, and a regular donation can ensure our work never stops.

£5 Food and Water
Could provide clean water and essential food nutrients

£10 Shelter
Could provide ongoing safe and secure shelter

£20 Healthcare
Could provide essential healthcare and treatments to those in need

Around the globe, whatever the situation.

We have been delivering humanitarian aid across the world for over 35 years. Our emergency aid is for all emergency situations, wherever we can reach those in need of help. We work with our field and partner offices to make sure that we can access even the most remote of communities, supporting those who are often at the greatest risk.

Trapped under rubble, caught in an airstrike or gunfire, homes destroyed by flooding, earthquake or cyclone – life can change in an instant and with your support, we can be there to help. 

In 2018, we delivered aid to over 675,000 people in urgent need.

Over 2 million people remain trapped in Gaza, struggling to survive conflict in one of the worst humanitarian disasters of our age. Through our partner offices, we continue to work tirelessly in some of the toughest of conditions. In 2018, we gave over 15,000 injured and traumatised people emergency medical assistance and healthcare. From ambulances, to doctors and nurses, surgical equipment, neonatal support and psychological counselling – your donations saved their lives.

In October 2018, heavy rains caused flood and landslides in the crowded refugee camps of Bangladesh.  Those who had fled the violence in Myanmar as well as the local Bangladesh communities, lost everything. Over 400,000 people were displaced and in need of emergency aid.

We delivered shelter, food and water to almost 4,000 people in the most urgent of need, protecting them from danger. Since then we have assisted over 26,000 people in the region with aid including house reconstruction, hygiene, clean water access and disaster training.

In an emergency, there is no time to waste.

Just because an emergency isn't on the news, doesn't mean it has stopped. And just because a war is over, doesn't mean that people aren't still suffering. 

Your generosity will go towards providing vital shelter, essential food packs, clean drinking water and emergency medical care as soon as disaster strikes. 

Give to emergency situations in places like Gaza, Yemen and Myanmar and we'll go on to make the biggest impact on the ground. You can't stop natural or emergency disasters. But you can help those who desperately need it. 

£60 Emergency Food

Could provide emergency food supply to a family

£100 Emergency Pack

Could provide an emergency survival pack to a family 

£200 Secure Shelter

Could provide an affected family safe and secure shelter 

£450 Medical Healthcare

Could provide life saving medical assistance and healthcare

Please give today so we can continue to save lives tomorrow. 

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