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Medical Aid

Health care is a basic human right, yet thousands don’t have access to any health facilities. You can help provide TB and Malaria treatments and help expecting mothers ensure their babies are delivered safely. This winter, your concern is their wellbeing. Donate now.

Health care is a basic human right.

Healthcare is not a luxury, and yet for hundreds of millions of people around the world, it is something that they cannot access due to financial and socioeconomic reasons outside of their control.

We've seen in recent years how important good health is.

Millions of people live under a fragile healthcare system around the world are and are suffering as a result.

The good news is that you can help us distribute essential healthcare to those most in need by making a small donation to our appeal.

You have the power to save a life.

For more than 35 years, Muslim Aid has been working tirelessly to level the playing field when it comes to healthcare. Our goal has always been to improve access to quality healthcare for the most vulnerable members of society, including those who contract diseases, are malnourished, and have sustained potentially fatal injuries.

Act now to save lives


Will help us tackle Covid-19 and other deadly yet preventable diseases


Will ensure mothers are able to safely deliver babies


Will allow a vulnerable family to access vital medical care services


Could help fund a health clinic/hospital in rural areas

Empowered by our donors

So far, using your donations, we have been able to help millions of people around the world by administering essential medical aid in several forms. Our team has worked to and continues to provide severely malnourished children in famine-stricken countries with life-saving food provisions. We have sent emergency vehicles equipped with vital medical aid to active war zones like Syria and Gaza to help injured civilians caught in the crossfire. Our team has supported pregnant women in rural areas with antenatal care, as well as new mothers and babies with post-natal support. In addition, we have delivered essential vaccines and medicines to help prevent and effectively treat diseases such as tuberculosis and malaria, among others. We have already helped so many, but millions more are still in need.

Aisha’s Story

One example of how essential our work is comes in the form of little Aisha.

Aisha was just eight months old when we met her, living in a rural area of Somalia. Like many others in the region, her family lives in a constant state of poverty. As a result, they’re unable to access a nutritious and secure food supply.

Aisha visited the Muslim Aid health centre with her mother in October 2019. Aisha’s mother was concerned that Aisha was suffering from diarrhoea and rapid weight loss. Her sister had previously endured this same issue. Following an assessment, Aisha was diagnosed with acute malnutrition and was admitted to the clinic for treatment.

Thankfully, Aisha began to recover following her treatment and has since been discharged. Her family has been given nutritious supplements, and support whilst the Muslim Aid programme continues to monitor her.

Help us eradicate preventable diseases and malnutrition and provide essential medical aid to those in need of it.

Our Mission

Our Muslim Aid health centres provide people living in rural communities and poverty with easy access to life-saving vaccines, emergency nutrition supplies, and other treatment resources at a more local level.

By donating to our Medical Aid appeal, you can ensure we are able to continue our efforts, helping more people to live a healthy, long life free of disease and hardship. Your donation, no matter how big or small, can go towards helping more people like Aisha. Please give what you can so our team can continue to save precious lives.

Donate now to Muslim Aid to save lives and improve more lives.

We are a faith-based British international charity that provides help to people who are victims of natural disasters or conflict or suffering from poverty, hunger, disease, homelessness, injustice, deprivation or lack of skills and economic opportunities.

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Your donation will provide help to people who are victims of natural disasters or conflict or suffering from poverty, hunger, disease, homelessness, injustice, deprivation or lack of skills and economic opportunities.