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Zakat Appeal

Your Zakat is an act of belief that will alleviate hardship in unimaginable ways. Act on your belief and purify your wealth by giving to the world’s most vulnerable communities. Zakat is believing.

Zakat is not just charity; it is a pillar of belief.

At Muslim Aid, we know your Zakat is not just charity, it is a pillar of belief that must be treated with great care. Trust us to use your pillar to support the most vulnerable around the world, giving them relief from the burden of poverty.

£60 - Could feed a family for a month
£100 - Could provide a family with essential food and water for a month
£249 - Could provide food, shelter, and emergency healthcare, in Gaza, Syria, and Yemen.
£350 - Could provide life-saving medicine and healthcare facilities

Zakat is believing.

Zakat is believing in our obligation to share our blessings with an open heart. Zakat is believing in a safer, dignified world for all.

At Muslim Aid, we believe in the power of Zakat to strengthen the giver and receiver. Purify your wealth while you impact the world’s most vulnerable communities.

Support our work and relieve hunger, quench thirst, strengthen healthcare, alleviate poverty, and help to bring more hope.

We believe in taking your Zakat further.

For over 35 years, Muslim Aid has been dedicated to distributing your Zakat where the need is greatest.

Our established aid chain, ground-relief efforts and years of experience will ensure your Zakat goes towards:

  • Ensuring people suffering extreme poverty and hunger have nourishing food to eat.
  • Providing widows and orphans with financial support, education, and skills training.
  • Delivering lifesaving, sustainable water and sanitation systems to areas affected by drought.
  • Ensuring those caught in crossfire and conflict can access urgent medical care.
  • Ensuring that those displaced from their homes have adequate and suitable shelter to protect them.

Put your faith into action and donate for those in need.

We will ensure that your Zakat serves humanity and gives people the basic human rights that they deserve.

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