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Muslim Aid is committed to tackling social injustice in all its forms making global advocacy a cross cutting theme in all our work. We work with influential decision makers and local communities to speak out about injustices which perpetuate extreme poverty, from championing gender justice to access to education. 

Muslim Aid works with civil society in countries we work in around the world to ensure that governments make decisions that will make a positive difference in the lives of those who are most vulnerable. We believe that serving humanity is about more than just giving a donation, it is about acting and speaking out with those who voices are often not heard.

Our global advocacy has included engaging at policy making forums at the United Nations, working with local governments in countries we operate in and influencing policies and parliamentarians in the UK Parliament as well as at the political party conferences. 

 We want you to get involved and support us to achieve a more equal and just world for those who are most in need. Read more about the work we are doing in the following key areas of our global advocacy work:

  1. Gender justice and empowerment 
  2. Emergency response and preparedness 
  3. Humanitarian 
  4. Climate change 
  5. Education 

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