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Muslim Aid is proud to present our bold and unique relationship to child sponsorship to ensure every child under our care has long-term security, nutritious food, clean water, healthcare, accredited education that supports communities with sustainable income! 

We strongly advocate that "It takes a community to raise a child"; an entire community of people is needed to interact with children for those children to experience and grow in a safe and healthy environment.

What now? 

We want to provide children with an equal start to life by planning our programmes through a holistic lens. By donating to our Child Community Sponsorship your donation will not support just one child but will benefit their families and the -community!


Family Income We provide financial assistance and training of new skills to support parents to start their own businesses. This is to help provide a stable income and ensure a stable family home so children and families can have a better livelihood. Example: provide cash grants to start sustainable businesses.

Learning Opportunitiies We provide a strong foundation for children through supporting primary and secondary schools. This support includes teacher training, nutritional help of students, school learning materials and activities that help children to stay in school. Example: Parent & Teacher Associations – encouraging enrolment & retention of children in school, fostering community involvement.

Generation Of Growth Our sponsorship programme is a commitment of 3 – 5 years of support; this long-term commitment allows us to thoroughly assess the community’s needs, combining local knowledge and our expertise so that we find long lasting solutions together. Example: Renovation of school buildings and classrooms, e-learning (where feasible), and access to child healthcare.

Community Benefits Your donation will fund vital projects that the whole community can benefit from. This can include access to medicine, clean water facilities and ensure that safeguarding systems are in place to prevent child exploitation. Example: Upgrade WASH facilities e.g. installing handpumps and latrines, ensuring privacy (especially for girls).

How does it work?

Our programmes team identifies the regions and communities that are most in need, understanding the challenges they are facing and how we can develop a long-term plan to create a more secure future and safer environment for children. Once you donate your monthly support gets combined with the support of other sponsors to ensure ALL children under the Muslim Aid Child Community Programme receive the life-changing benefits of sponsorship.

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