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Child Sponsorship

We believe that children are the key to stronger, brighter futures. Join us as we strive to provide children with the support they deserve so they can focus on fulfilling their true potential. Sponsor a child and their community today.

Creating brighter futures.

Over the past 14 years, Muslim Aid is proud to say we have provided access to education for almost 50,000 children around the world. Our presence on the ground means we can ensure a safe and protected environment for the children and maintain close communication with caregivers to meet the often complex and changing needs.

Supporting communities.

Our child sponsorship scheme protects children and supports the needs of their community, ensuring poverty doesn’t limit their aspirations.

We focus on more than just meeting the individual needs of a child. Through our programme, whole communities can benefit too, creating not only a better future for a child in need but also building a better future for those around them.

Creating more impact.

Our child sponsorship programme invests in essential projects to support the health, education, and welfare of a community.

Your sponsorship not only benefits your allocated child but is also combined with that of other donors, to ensure all children within the community can benefit from Muslim Aid’s Child Sponsorship programme.

What will sponsorship provide?

  • Early Learning Opportunities:  we provide a strong foundation for children, by ensuring they have access to education in their early years. Trained teachers and dedicated facilities provide pre-school children with environments tailored to support the culture of learning. 
  • Family income:  we provide skills training and financial assistance to support parents to start their own businesses so they can ensure a stable income. Having financial security at home enables children to focus on their education without the pressure to give up on their studies, or even have to earn themselves. 
  • Generational growth: Through 5 – 10 years of long-term support we will give communities what they need to thrive. From renovating school buildings and providing teacher training, to giving access to clean water and healthcare, your sponsorship can make it happen. 

 Donate now and create brighter futures today.


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