Child Sponsorship

Millions of children across the world do not have enough food to eat, a stable home or access to education. Many no longer have parents to care for their needs. You can help by donating £30 per month or give £360 annually.

Our child sponsorship programme connects you with a child in need, providing them with the helping hand as they grow up.

Across the world, due to war, illness or natural disaster, many children have lost their family. Grieving and traumatised, they now have to fend for themselves, often living in extreme poverty.

Join our Rainbow Family.

In countries around the globe, many children have been born into conflict and poverty. Many have lost their parents and wider family and are now living in conditions where their basic needs cannot be met. Essential human rights such as food, clean water, clothing, shelter or education are denied to them. Instead, they may find themselves pulled into working on the streets, sexual exploitation, crime or abuse in order to find enough to eat each day. This is not the childhood they deserve.

Innocent lives suffering.

Children in need require not just physical aid in order to survive. Emotional support and education are essential for healthy development and a chance of a bright future – especially for children who have experienced difficulties, grown up in war-torn areas or poverty. For many, whether they live with extended family or alone, most of all they need security and stability.

Regular sponsorship can provide them with a reliable source of income to pay for food, healthcare and education. It can also connect them with emotional counselling to nurture and heal them from the trauma they have experienced.

You can change their world.

Our Rainbow Family programme has been running since 2007 in countries around the world, facilitating sponsorship of thousands of children.

Your child sponsorship donation can:

  • Food and basic nutrition
  • Clothing and school uniforms
  • School books and enrolment
  • Counselling and support

Your support can do something amazing for a child today.

With over 35 years of experience in helping those in need across the globe, we believe every child has the right to a prosperous and healthy life. With your continuous support, we aim to continue in our aim to reach out and make a difference to as many children as we can.

Sponsor a child today with Muslim Aid and help us to serve those children in need.

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