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International Day of Charity

September 2nd, 2020

International Day of Charity was established with the objective of raising global awareness to encourage communities, NGO’s, stakeholders, and volunteers to engage in charitable activities. The date of 5 September was chosen to commemorate the anniversary of the passing away of Mother Teresa of Calcutta, who received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979.

Salah: The Second Pillar of Islam

September 1st, 2020

Salah, also called namaz, is the second pillar of Islam and a daily obligation upon all Muslims above baligh (mature) age. Salah plays a fundamental role in the Islamic faith and i…

What is the Day of Ashura?

August 27th, 2020

The Day of Ashura falls on the 10th day of Muharram (Friday 28th August): the first month of the Islamic calendar. This is a hugely significant day for Muslims around the world…

Bosnia and Herzegovina - Qurbani 2020

August 24th, 2020

Up to 80,000 children go to bed hungry each day in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Most people living in poverty depend on public kitchens, the help of humanitarian organisations and their…

Pakistan Qurbani Programme 2020

August 24th, 2020

Pakistan is a country facing multiple challenges and COVID-19 has seriously affected the progress made on poverty reduction and social development indicators. The country’s daily…

Muslim Aid Sri Lanka - Qurbani 2020

August 24th, 2020

The official poverty index in Sri Lanka indicates that around 4.5% of the total population are living under the poverty line. Approximately 10 million people (just under 50% of the…

International Youth Day

August 12th, 2020

Today is International Youth Day As we celebrate International Youth Day, Muslim Aid are proud to have so many young people involved in our charitable activities. The youth are the…

Lebanon Emergency

August 10th, 2020

What we know about Lebanon’s Beirut blast Yesterday, the world was shaken after half of the Lebanese capital was damaged beyond recognition by a devastating blast which killed at…

Message from the Chair: Thank you!

August 6th, 2020

Assalaamu Alaikum. On behalf of the Board and the entire Muslim Aid team, I wanted to extend our heartfelt thanks to all of our donors and supporters for their unyielding generosit…

Muslim Aid’s EatMeat Scheme Supports Over 150 Families Through Qurbani 2020

August 6th, 2020

What is everyone eating? This week, foodies are full of excitement as different households across the country eagerly wait to benefit from the EatMeat Scheme. A delicious Biriyani,…

Eid Mubarak from interim CEO Kashif Shabir, & the Muslim Aid Team

July 30th, 2020

A few years ago I visited Malawi, a tiny landlocked country in south eastern Africa, squashed between Zimbabwe, Zambia, Mozambique and Tanzania. I was visiting an orphanage and sch…

We are looking for someone who is passionate about fundraising and an inspiring communicator. This role is an excit… https://t.co/jV6Df75UDc

We are looking for an enthusiastic Digital Marketing Coordinator, if you are up for a challenge then please click o… https://t.co/btXPpGSDHn

Over 300 UK volunteers aged between 16-24 have supported Muslim Aid and the work we do, in the last 12 months! We… https://t.co/Yk2LgjzehX

He is the ultimate truth. Trust in His actions, for only He knows what's best for us. https://t.co/dmYhggEe87

Families in #Somalia are dying of hunger and thirst. They need our help now more than ever. By donating for water w… https://t.co/AwmxJfzsmV

If there is one thing that can change our fortunes, it is praying and seeking forgiveness from the Almighty.… https://t.co/3p7RmvrpgQ

Your donation means we can deliver lifesaving aid during an emergency, saving and protecting lives. You can help pr… https://t.co/Uo3tQIfPE0

May Ash-Shaheed forgives us and helps us in doing good, Ameen. https://t.co/GleAfQ2xZW

Inclusive education is the foundation for improving lives. At #MuslimAid, we reach out to disadvantaged and isolate… https://t.co/ChRV0G80Qm

Yemen was already facing a deadly humanitarian crisis, and now coronavirus could claim thousands of lives too. With… https://t.co/GvpoGKFTtB

Death, devastation, and destruction - that's all Beirut is left with. Thousands of homes near the blast site are en… https://t.co/tI4gMW4cH3

On #InternationalCharityDay, let’s take time out to acknowledge and appreciate the amazing work charities do to sup… https://t.co/uAAoUcYADr

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