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  • This Winter Share The Love

    Staying warm and healthy is a relentless struggle for too many people. The negative effects of minimal heating, poor living conditions and scarce food are amplified against the chill and frost….


  • Iran-Iraq Earthquake Emergency Appeal

    On Sunday 12th November, an enormous earthquake struck the Iran-Iraq border causing multiple deaths and scenes of widespread devastation.


  • Campaign

    Myanmar Emergency Appeal

    In Myanmar the humanitarian situation has taken a dramatic turn for the worse.


  • Child Sponsorship

    At Muslim Aid we strongly believe children are our future. Educating children and providing them with good healthcare helps reduce poverty and conquer diseases, providing future generations with the tools of self-reliance and empowerment...



    Philippines Typhoon Emergency Appeal

    Tropical storms have caused mudslides and widespread flooding, killing hundreds. Typhoons have ravaged the area, bringing further death and destruction to people who have recently escaped war.

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  • This Winter Share The Love

  • Iran-Iraq Earthquake Emergency Appeal

  • Myanmar Emergency Appeal

  • Rainbow Family

  • Philippines Typhoon Emergency Appeal

Muslim Aid

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  • mitzvah-day-muslim-aid
    Mitzvah Day at St John's Wood Hospice

    Mitzvah is a Hebrew word - it means a good deed. 

    Sharing Good Fortune
    Sharing Good Fortune

    Good fortune and wealth are points which many of us aim towards in life, but sometimes, things don’t quite go according to plan. Despite the best intentions, sometimes we find ourselves out of luck and struggling with daily life, whether it is financially or emotionally. As practising…

  • Gaza Emergency Appeal
How you can help
  • Child Sponsorship
    Rainbow Family

    Welcome to our family. We support over 5,000 children and their communities across 17 countries in Europe, …

  • Dig a Well
    Dig a Well

    Building a well for communities that don’t have access to clean and safe drinking water can be life chan…

  • UK Development Programmes
    UK Development Programmes

    Muslim Aid is committed to initiating and supporting development within the UK. We are continuously delivering …


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