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Nights of Power

What is Nights of Power?

Nights of Power is Muslim Aid’s automated donation platform allowing you to split your donations across the last ten nights of Ramadan, so you never miss giving on Laylatul Qadr. This year, you can also choose to split your donations across the 30 days of Ramadan.

What does this mean for me?

Nights of Power is Muslim Aid’s Automated donation platform, allowing you to catch Laylatul Qadr! Choose the causes which mean the most to you, Split your donations, and we’ll take care of the rest as you reap the rewards, Insha Allah.

Laylatul Qadr – The night better than a thousand months

The Night of Power (Laylatul Qadr) is the most precious night of the whole year, filled with abundant mercy and blessings. In the words of the Holy Qur’an, it is “better than a thousand months.”

Every Muslim is encouraged to seek Laylatul Qadr and increase in prayers and worship. Splitting your Zakat and Sadaqah among the last ten nights of Ramadan means that you can be sure to catch the Night of Power!

Where will my money go?

This Ramadan your donations mean more and will go towards delivering more aid to the most vulnerable people in the world. You can choose from the causes below.

Guarantee securing the rewards of Laylatul Qadr by helping those in need. You can make a difference.

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