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Orphans & Widows

Across the world, millions of families have been torn apart by the death of loved ones. All too often, orphans and widows are left to fend for themselves, grieving, struggling and in desperate need of support. From just £30 you can help the most vulnerable and protect those at risk.

With approximately 41.3 million people around the world displaced, ongoing wars, natural disasters and now Covid-19 have meant families have experienced irreplaceable losses.

The loss of a father doesn’t just leave a trail of grief, it leaves a household on the brink of financial collapse. Widowed and orphaned, women and children face the hardest of circumstances in trying to just survive each day.

No time to grieve.

Across the globe, families are broken by loss. In Syria, women have had to witness their loved ones killed in a war which shows no sign of ease. In Gaza, decades of conflict have ripped apart generations, striking down young men in the prime of their lives. In Indonesia, earthquakes and mudslides have killed hundreds. And in multiple vulnerable communities Covid-19 has taken lives, leaving families in shock.

£60 Could provide families with essential food and basic nutrients.

£120 could help vulnerable women and children in need of urgent support.

£200 Could help support a child living in a remote area go to school.

Bereaved, alone, and anxious for the future.

Widowed women face the ultimate struggle in soothing, comforting, and providing for multiple children grieving for their father. With no opportunity to work, no childcare help and living in shelters or makeshift homes, life is very tough. Basic human necessities such as warmth and food are a struggle. Clean running water is a luxury. Education is just a dream. And the grief never ends.

Give them more than support - give them comfort.

At Muslim Aid, we work to ensure households with widows and orphans are given a practical lifeline to stabilise their households and live self-sufficiently. Having worked closely with the communities we serve for over 35 years, we prioritise enabling independence and dignity for families who are most often left helpless.

Your support can:

  • Provide nutrition for children, pregnant and breast-feeding mothers
  • Deliver livelihood and skills training to give widows an income
  • Give orphans and children access to education
  • Offer trauma counselling and support for those who have been affected by the conflict and lost their loved ones

You can help do more.

Your kind donations to our Orphans & Widows appeal can help us to deliver these services and help women and children grieve and recover. You can help provide them with the immediate aid that they need as food and shelter, as well as provide them with prospects and training through our skills programmes.

There is great reward in supporting both orphans and widows in Islam, and by donating to orphan and widow charities,they can be protected and provided for. The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said, ‘The one who cares for an orphan and myself will be together in Paradise like this’, and he held his two fingers together to illustrate. (Bukhari).

With your support, they can begin to look forward to tomorrow and a brighter, stronger future.

Donate to widows and orphans today, and you can protect those more at risk.


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