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Education is the key that will unlock the future for so many vulnerable and underprivileged children in developing counties across the globe. Often, international orphan aid is the only way these children can gain access to education, replaying on the kindness of strangers such as yourself to help fund their learning and open the way to a better future.


We believe that education is a right for everyone. The benefits of sponsoring a child will be felt for generations to come, as each child’s potential is fulfilled, and communities continue to enjoy the rewards in terms of improvements to the financial, emotional, and physical health of all.

When you donate to our child sponsorship programmes, we can allocate generous funds to education classes for all ages of children. Your kindness and generosity will be appreciated not only by that one child but in time by the community as a whole.


For 35 years, education has been at the heart of what we do. With your support, we can give children and young people all over the world access to education and a future free from poverty. The benefits of sponsoring a child are plain to see:

Child sponsorship in many regions will help to mitigate the destruction of their schools due to war or the loss of their education due to displacement. For communities across developing areas such as Yemen, Africa, Somalia, Pakistan, and Syria, child sponsorship is the only way to maintain some sense of hope and direction for the future.

Farzana is a bright, cheerful girl of eight years old. She lives in a rural region of Pakistan where literacy rates are low, particularly for women and girls. Her family did not allow her to attend school like her brother, and she would often spend her day herding cows, longing to learn to read and write.

Funded by its orphan child sponsorship program, Muslim Aid implemented a community support programme and school management committee that worked with parents of the children in the area. Through information sessions, we were able to explain the importance of girls’ education and bring down the barriers preventing Farzana and many other girls like her from attending school. Through toilet and water installation, the school is now much more accessible to young girls, and Farzana loves to attend every day.

How to sponsor a child

You can help children like Farzana.

Your sponsorship can help rebuild demolished classrooms, provide school uniforms, put food on their tables, create water stations, build toilets, and educate, empower, and inspire the future generation of Muslim children.

We cannot do it without you. If you wish to fulfil your Zakat obligation through orphan sponsorship, we can guarantee that you will be making an ongoing difference in the lives of those in greatest need, saving lives and transforming communities for good.

From supporting young children in education and providing long-term water solutions to drought-affected communities to giving women opportunities to earn a living and provide for their families, sponsoring a child through our long-term sustainable programmes will help fight against future poverty.

Sponsor a child today:

Please donate today to our education programme, and your Zakat and Sadaqah will make the world of difference to Muslim kids worldwide.


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