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Pakistan Floods Emergency Appeal

More than a third of Pakistan has been completely submerged by the worst floods recorded. 33 million people have been affected, over 1,200 people have died, and thousands are injured.

The Muslim Aid team has launched an emergency appeal. Please donate now and help save lives!

Pakistan Floods Emergency Appeal

Since June 2022, torrential rains have hit Pakistan due to an extreme monsoon season and melting glaciers, causing devastating floodsOne third of the country is underwater, homes, roads and crops have been washed away. The Pakistan authorities have reported that the floods have resulted in:

  • 33 million people (15% of the population) have been affected
  • Over 1,200 deaths
  • Thousands have been injured
  • Over 300,000 homes have been destroyed and a further 692,000 homes damaged
  • 730,500 livestock lost

Give to those in need

£30 Could provide cash grant to families

£60 Could provide an emergency supply of food, to a family for a month

£100 Could provide water and non-food items (e.g. blankets, soap and hygiene packs) 

£200 Could provide safe and secure shelter

£350 Could provide medicine and healthcare facilities to affected communities.

Your donation could save lives! And support those in greatest need. Please donate now.

Support the Pakistan Floods Emergency Appeal Today

The Muslim Aid team in Pakistan have launched an emergency appeal and are on the ground now delivering emergency relief and assistance.

So far, we have reached 29,325 people in three districts including district Quetta, Pishin, and Killa Saifullah in Balochistan. We are providing affected families with:

  • Vital food supplies
  • Emergency shelter kits
  • Safe and clean drinking water
  • Essential hygiene kits

Not only are we responding to this emergency, Muslim Aid is committed to helping affected communities recover as soon as possible by supporting and initiating humanitarian and development projects in Balochistan and other parts of Pakistan

Funds raised from this emergency will go towards the global emergency appeal, supporting this emergency as well as many others across the globe. Thank you for your contributions, Please pray for Pakistan.

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