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Water for Gaza

As one of the most densely populated places on Earth, the people of Gaza desperately need access to clean, safe drinking water. Save and improve the lives of those in urgent need. Donate now and give the gift of water.

Gaza Water Crisis. 

With continuing conflict, basic services and infrastructure have been all but destroyed. Sanitation and clean drinking water are now scarce, placing over 1 million people at risk.

Water filtration systems have been broken, spreading raw sewage and transferring bacteria and disease. Less than 50% of households have access to clean water supply.

Dying of thirst and disease. 

Since 2015, conflict has raged down on Gaza, destroying the region and reducing services to rubble. Less than 1/3 of Gaza’s water plants are regulated or licenced, leading to contamination risks with sewage seeping into drinking water. Unstable power supplies and difficulties in the delivery of materials have compounded the issue. To obtain clean water, the only option is expensive tinkered water, pushing people further into poverty and desperation.

You can help us to deliver clean water to Gaza.

Water should be a source of hope and life, not fear and danger. There is an urgent need for access to safe water supply and improved sanitation and hygiene in homes and at points within communities. Regulated, stable water supply is essential to help those who are injured recover, to provide families with water for drinking, cooking or washing and vital to the survival of livestock.

Life-saving water.

Your support will help us save and improve the lives of people living in desperate conditions. It will relieve a burden upon their shoulders and ease their daily lives, dramatically reducing the risk of dehydration and disease.

Each installation plant we build with your support will provide 5000 liters of clean, regulated water and enough for 1000 people per day.

Together let’s make a difference

Muslim Aid has been on the ground in Gaza since 2006, working hard to provide essential services. Your donation to our Gaza Water Appeal could provide:

  • 100 solar-powered water stations
  • Clean water supply to over 900 schools and nurseries
  • Install sanitation and supply to some of the area’s most vulnerable residents
  • Provide training to teachers and staff about water infection control
  • Delivering thirst-quenching safe water to children and young people.

Donate now to quench more thirst.


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