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Somalia Drought Appeal

For over a year Somalia has had no rain. The prolonged lack of water has destroyed crops and livestock, and increased rates of malnutrition and disease. Severe drought is placing millions of lives at risk, people are dying, they need your urgent support now.

Somalia is experiencing severe drought and is in desperate need of help. 3.5 million people are already experiencing food insecurity while worsening drought has displaced more than 100,000 people from their homes.

The lack of rainfall has destroyed crops and livestock, with local farming communities left without an income or food supply. Thousands of people across southern and central Somalia have no access to water at all and over 1 million children are malnourished. To make matters worse, diseases and viruses such as Covid-19 are spreading fast as people move and sanitation breaks down.

This is an emergency situation. Your support can save lives now.

£30 Could provide personal protective equipment to protect vulnerable families against Covid-19.

£60 Could provide a family with essential food for a month.

£150 Could provide emergency support to families in Somalia.

Somalia Drought Appeal

You can save lives in Somalia.

People have lost their means of livelihoods, are unable to feed themselves and their families and are being forced to leave their homes in search of food and water. 

Muslim Aid is on the ground and expanding to meet the rapidly growing need. We are delivering emergency aid to 500 vulnerable families in Jubaland, South Somalia.

With your help we can assist men, women, children, and the elderly by easing their hunger through the provision of essential food items as well as protecting them against the spread of diseases and viruses like Covid-19.

Donate now. Save Somalia today.

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