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Save Lives This Winter

For the 150 million people worldwide; homeless, and living in dire poverty, winter is a real and deadly threat to their lives. Help them survive by providing lifesaving items like food, fuel and heating to support single mothers, children and families in countries where the need is greatest. You can save their lives. Donate Now. 

Save lives, this winter.

When the temperature drops, the risk to the lives of millions of vulnerable people increases. After enduring another treacherous year with poverty, war, natural disaster and the worst economic crisis in decades, the change in weather brings a new and dangerous threat. Without adequate shelter, warm clothing, blankets, heating, or food - freezing to death is a real possibility.

In countries like Afghanistan and Syria, where people have fled war, endured life in camps or on the streets, there is no protection against the cold winter weather.

If the weather is as bad as experts are predicting this winter, millions will be threatened with acute hunger, widespread famine, and in extreme cases the risk of death. 

Don’t let them suffer this winter.

£20 Could save a child this winter, providing a warm winter gift, including a blanket and clothing items.  

£60 Could provide cash grant to a family

£90 Couldprovide families with blankets to survive the winter nights.

£135 Could provide a family with essential heating systems and fuel during the cold winter months.

£200 Could provide clothes, blankets & heating to protect families from freezing temperatures.

Donate now and you can save their lives.


Your support can help those in greatest need.

Muslim Aid’s Global Winter Appeal will ensure that those in Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, Gaza, Bangladesh, and Bosnia receive the help and support they need to survive this winter. Our response includes:

  • Distributing blankets, pillows and mattresses
  • Providing warm clothing such as hats, gloves, socks and jumpers.
  • Providing fuel to heat up homes and camps.
  • Cash transfers to families, giving them the dignity to get what they need, when they need it.
  • Refurbishment of school buildings.

Thanks to your generous support, we were able to protect over 39,000 people across the world last winter. This year the need is greater, and we must do more to serve those in desperate need.

With your support we can help more widows, children, and the elderly. It is quite literally a race against time to deliver vital aid to those who need it most.

Donate now. Save lives, this winter.

Funds raised from this emergency will go towards the global emergency appeal, supporting this emergency as well as many others across the globe.

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