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Syria Emergency

The Syrian people have lived through 10 years of war and relentless violence. Much of the country is under rubble. Poverty-stricken and desperate, Covid-19 is relentlessly spreading across the country. With the onset of winter, and temperatures plummeting the lives of over 11 million Syrians, in need of humanitarian aid, hangs in the balance. Please keep them warm, help them survive this winter.  

Since December 2019, nearly 700,000 people have been displaced from their homes due to increased violence and rising tensions in the north-west of Syria. Idlib is under siege, and needs your urgent help. Your donation could save lives. 

Syria Emergency Appeal - Winter will cause more deaths.

The war in Syria has been raging relentlessly for 10 years and has claimed the lives of over 200,000 people. There are over 6 million people currently displaced inside Syria. With a broken health system, a collapsed economy and demolished infrastructure winter in Syria is often described as a living hell. Many Syrians lack the bare necessities to survive the bitter cold, leaving women, children and the elderly vulnerable to deteriorating health and risk of death. 

The people of Syria have endured many years of deadly winters, now the spread of Coronavirus will only make things worse. 

In this emergency, a simple item can save lives.

Muslim Aid and our partners have been standing with the Syrian people since 2011, providing emergency lifesaving aid. This winter, we can save Syrian lives by providing winter appropriate clothing items, like socks, gloves and scarves, heating and fuel to shield them from the cold wintery nights.  For Syrians, a cash transfer would mean the dignity and freedom to spend on what they need, when they need it. 

“Allah will help a person as long as he is helping his brother.” (Muslim)

£60 Could provide an emergency supply of food to a family

£90 Could help fight Covid-19 and provide emergency food supply to families in Syria.

£120 Could help save Syria and provide an emergency survival pack and medicine. 

£200 Could provide safe and secure shelter

£350 Could provide the people of Syria with life saving medicine and healthcare. 

Innocent families need your help now more than ever.

We are working on the ground now to help the people of Syria, but we can’t do it without your help.

Your Syria donation can help ease the pain and save the lives of people who have suffered so much already, having lost family members and loved ones to the ongoing conflict.

Please help us to continue our work.

Please give what you can now.

Your support to the people of Syria is literally a matter of life or death. With no time to waste, lives are being destroyed each day.

Without you, we can’t continue to serve humanity. By setting up a regular gift today, you can help make an ongoing difference to the lives of those in the greatest of need, saving lives and transforming communities for good.  

From supporting young children into education and providing long-term water solutions to drought-affected communities, to giving women opportunities to earn a living to provide for their families. Supporting our long-term sustainable programmes with a regular gift can help us in our fight against poverty both in the Syria emergency and beyond

Give a regular gift today:

£7 could provide an emergency supply of food to a family

£12 could provide clean drinking water to a family in an emergency

£17 could provide safe and secure shelter

£22 could provide life-saving medicine and healthcare facilities

Donate today. Syria needs you.

Funds raised from this emergency will go towards the global emergency appeal, supporting this emergency as well as many others across the globe. Thank you for your contributions and for helping us to save lives in Syria.

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