Syria Emergency

Funds raised from this emergency will go towards the global emergency appeal, supporting this emergency as well as many others across the globe.

Since December 2019, nearly 700,000 people have been displaced from their homes due to increased violence and rising tensions in the north-west of Syria. Idlib is under siege, and needs your urgent help. Your donation could save lives. 

The war in Syria has been raging relentlessly for 9 years. In the past few months, the violence has increased to a horrific level and has turned Idlib into a living hell.

 Deadly shrapnel is claiming the lives of those who have not died in bomb attacks. The few hospitals that remain standing are frantic, over-crowded horror scenes.

This is a humanitarian emergency.

 We are working in the area to help the 6,500 children and their families who are desperately trying to escape the area every single day.

 3 million people are caught in the violence and are urgently in need of help. Many have been displaced to neighbouring districts, placing further pressure on these war-torn communities.

Traumatised. Vulnerable. In need of shelter.

They need your help now more than ever.

 We are working on the ground now to help the people of Syria. But we can’t do it without your help.

Our emergency appeal can provide up to 17500 people with warm blankets, food, water and medicine.

Your donation can help ease the pain and save the lives of people who have suffered so much already.

Muslim Aid has been responding to the Syria crisis since 2011, supporting families affected by the conflict with emergency food, medicine and healthcare and temporary shelter.

Please give what you can now.

Your support to the people of Syria is literally a matter of life or death. With no time to waste, lives are being destroyed each day.

£30 could provide thermal blankets

£90 could feed two families for a month

£200 could provide a family with an emergency shelter kit.

Donate today. Syria needs you.

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