Syria Emergency

Over half a million people have lost their lives caught in the middle of a civil war in Syria. For those who have survived the unrest, starvation, disease and violence continues. Your donation could send a life-line of support.

More than 5.6 million Syrians have fled the country, with a further 6 million displaced inside Syria, enduring the horror of a country that has been brought to its knees by violence. 

Mothers, fathers and children have lost their lives in air strikes which have devastated the region, obliterating entire cities and leaving only destruction. Those who have survived, are injured and severely traumatised. If they are able to find the bodies of their loved ones, they are unable to bury them.

Chaos, danger, destruction and death.

Since the unrest began in 2011, many children have been born into and grown-up in a world where all they know and see is oppression and violence. Millions of innocent families have paid the price for political tensions and have lost their loved ones and homes. Hospitals, schools and other services have been brought to a standstill. Food, clean water and electricity are in short supply. 

This is a humanitarian crisis.

Those who have escaped with their lives are the lucky ones, although they face new dangers as they seek shelter in extreme poverty. For the millions still inside Syria, starvation, disease and violence continues. The conflict is relentless, placing further pressure on aid supplies including sanitation and medical care. Basic infrastructure of roads and communication lines have been reduced to dust. Damascus, Aleppo and Eastern Ghouta have been destroyed.

For those caught up in the conflict, they are vulnerable to dangers more than the bombs that continue to destroy their homes. Sexual exploitation, slavery, organ harvesting and forced imprisonment are rife amongst a community absolutely desperate, forcing many women and children into unthinkable positions.

Save a life in Syria, send a lifeline of support.

Muslim Aid is actively working in Syria, delivering emergency response aid to those caught in the unrest. Your donation can help us to deliver vital, life-saving support.

Your donation will go a long way towards helping to keep those who are most vulnerable safe. Orphaned children and the elderly who have lost their family are most at risk as they are unable to fend for themselves. Without your help, their chances of survival greatly decrease day by day.

We are working with our partners to do all that is possible to rescue those caught in the worst humanitarian crisis of our times.

We need your help today. 

Your support to the people of Syria is literally a matter of life or death. With no time to waste, lives are being destroyed each day.

Just £60 can provide a food parcel that will feed an entire family, giving them the sustenance that they desperately require. As well as helping to feed a family, food packs also include urgently required baby supplies such as formula, nappies, baby wipes and biscuits.

Your support can also pay for essential medical supplies to treat the sick and injured, including power generators for hospitals and clinics. With so many injured, pain and suffering is everywhere.

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