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Afghanistan Earthquake Emergency

A deadly earthquake measuring magnitude 5.9 hit Eastern Afghanistan in the early hours of Wednesday. Over 1000 people have already died and many more have been injured. Muslim Aid is on the ground, and we need your urgent support. Donate Now to Save Afghanistan.

A deadly earthquake, measuring magnitude 5.9, hit Eastern Afghanistan in the early hours of Wednesday 22 June 2022. Over 1000 people have already lost their lives as a result, and many more have been injured. Muslim Aid is on the ground, and we need your urgent support. Donate now to Save Afghanistan.

A devastating earthquake in Eastern Afghanistan has claimed the lives of over 1000 people so far, with thousands more wounded and injured. Muslim Aid has launched an emergency appeal and is on the ground ready to provide essential humanitarian aid.

This is the worst earthquake to strike Afghanistan in the last two decades, destroying hundreds of homes and taking thousands of lives. The tremors were so strong that they were felt from as far away as Pakistan and India. Even earthquakes that don’t match up to this scale can be detrimental to developing communities in which homes are unstable and poorly built. Consequently, you can only imagine the devastation that has been caused by a quake of this size. What’s more, the death count is only set to increase, as some remote areas and villages haven’t yet been accounted for.

Emergency Appeal for Afghanistan

£30 could provide cash grants to a family.

£60 could provide an emergency supply of food to a family for a month.

£120 could provide an emergency survival pack including water and hygiene kits.

£250 could provide lifesaving medicine and healthcare.

£500 goes towards our Emergency Shelter Fund for displaced families.

The existing poverty in Afghanistan means that the nation isn’t equipped to handle a disaster of this scale. The hospitals are overrun, people have been stripped of their homes, and they have no access to food. As little as £30 could be the difference between life and death for someone in Afghanistan.

Muslim Aid’s Response

Iqbal Rafiq, our Programme Development and Institutional Funding Lead, is in Afghanistan coordinating our response and described the earthquake as devastating, he said:

“Villages have been destroyed with entire families killed as they slept in their beds. Houses have collapsed, and buildings are damaged leaving hundreds of people hungry, homeless, and traumatised.”

Muslim Aid is on the ground working with partners to coordinate an effective response in the form of shelter, medical aid, food, and cash assistance.

Urgent support is needed to help a nation already suffering from the devastating effects of decades of war, poverty, and famine.

Donate now and Save Afghanistan.



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