Gaza Emergency

Gaza is on the brink. Years of violence and economic blockade has left millions at breaking point. The 2 million inhabitants of Gaza need your urgent help to survive. Donate to our Gaza Appeal and make a difference today.

The Gaza crisis is claiming lives every day.

Gaza has now spent nearly 15 years under blockade. The continuous troubles and conflict have plunged 2 million residents into abject poverty, with 80% of the population dependent on international aid to survive.

Over 60% of the youth are unemployed and medical supplies are scarce, leaving thousands struggling to survive day to day. Furthermore, with the recent pandemic, these issues have only been made worse. The people of Gaza desperately need your help now.

With your help, we can save Gaza.

Muslim Aid is on the ground in Gaza delivering urgent aid and have been helping to serve the most vulnerable for years, through building sustainable projects like the Gaza water desalination units. Our Gaza appeal continues to be a lifeline for the huge number of vulnerable people within the area.

Many Palestinians and humanitarian organisations continue to describe Gaza as the world’s largest open-air prison; a rigidly controlled strip of land with little opportunity for escape or growth.

Don’t let them suffer alone. Help us combat this Gaza emergency today.

Help Gaza with your regular donation.

Without you, we can’t continue to serve humanity. By setting up a regular gift today you can help make an ongoing difference to the lives of the most vulnerable families in Gaza, saving lives and transforming communities for good.  

From supporting hospitals by providing essential supplies and equipment to building long-term water solutions for the communities and families across the region, together we can make a difference. Support our long-term sustainable Gaza donation programmes today by making a regular gift.

Give today.

Donate now your donation could help save lives and ease their suffering. Gaza needs your help now!

Funds raised from this emergency will go towards the global emergency appeal, supporting this emergency as well as many others across the globe.

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