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Gaza Emergency

The troubles in Gaza have been well-documented over the years, with more than two million residents living in poverty as a result of ongoing conflict.

Importing and exporting has been made difficult, leaving vulnerable people short of essentials like food and medical supplies. This means that much of the population is forced to go without vital supplies.


Gaza is one of the most densely populated territories in the world, with only 141 square miles home to two million inhabitants. That number is only rising, and fast, with the population growing at a rate of 2.91% annually. That is only putting further strain on Gaza’s limited supplies.

Right now, there is not enough food, clean water, shelter or medical facilities to cater to Gaza's residents - and that is likely to only get worse.

Half a Million Displaced Residents

Conflict in Gaza resulted in around 500,000 displaced people at its worst in 2014 – that’s a quarter of all Gaza's residents. The conflict at the time resulted in the deaths of 2,220 in Gaza, with more than 11,000 more suffering injury. Of those half a million displaced residents, over 100,000 are still unaccounted for. 

The Gaza conflit resulted in




people have suffered from injuries


people are still unaccounted for

Families Torn Apart

One of the main reasons why we ask for sponsors to donate to Gaza is to help with the growing rate of children left without families. Every death leaves a family behind; often, society's most vulnerable must try to fend for themselves. Children and the elderly separated from their loved ones are not only at increased risk of malnutrition and disease, but they are also most vulnerable to crime.

Thousands of homes have been destroyed, leaving families without a roof over their heads. Some families have received funds to repair their homes, but many have been left with no support at all. During the 2014 conflicts, more than 140,000 homes were damaged, with close to 15,000 either severely damaged or totally destroyed.

Muslim Aid in Gaza

Muslim Aid has been actively working in Gaza since 2006, helping to provide residents with the help they need. So far, your donations have allowed us to:

  • Provide nutrition for children and senior citizens
  • Support over 1,400 orphans and children through child sponsorship programmes
  • Refurbish schools in order to provide children with an education
  • Offer trauma counselling and support for those who have been affected by the conflict
  • Support neo-natal clinics for babies
  • Help residents in Gaza to rebuild their lives

Your kind donations to Gaza have already helped thousands of innocent civilians to receive the support they need, but there is still much more work to be done and we cannot do it without you.

The troubles in Gaza show no signs of stopping anytime soon, meaning that these vulnerable people remain in serious danger. Please give what you can and donate to Gaza today.

We work in over 20 countries, serving people who are desperate for your help.

By supporting our appeal, you can help us to ensure no-one is forgotten.
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