Water for Somalia

Somalia is suffering a severe drought, putting 2 million lives at risk. Help build a borehole water well that will supply entire villages with enough water, lasting 30 years. Donate from £500 and get your name on the donor wall. 

Somalia is suffering from an extreme drought that is putting two million lives at risk from starvation and dehydration.

2019 was another year where the seasonal rains didn’t come, which usually fall from April to June. This is now leaving the population suffering and in danger of facing one of the worst famines ever recorded.

Muslim Aid is building borehole water wells in Somalia, which can provide enough water for tens of thousands of people every single day, lasting 30 years. These wells are dug deep into the ground, where safe water is pumped out into a holding tank, making it easier to access. This tank is then connected to a water distribution system to help with farming and growing food.  

Gain the ongoing rewards of every drop…

Recent reports indicate that some mothers are leaving their villages and walking for two weeks, on bare foot, to get aid for their children who are suffering from malnutrition.

The little water they are finding is usually dirty and infected with diseases like Cholera. This can cause a severe diarrhoea that leads to extreme dehydration and can result in death.

Without access to clean water, villages in Somalia won’t be able to grow crops and feed their livestock.

After suffering for so long from conditions out of their control, once again the people are heading towards a major humanitarian emergency. Your donation can have a huge impact on thousands of lives.

£150 provides water for 60 people (6 families)

£500 provides water for 200 people (33 families)

£1000 provide water for 400 people (66 families)

£2,500 provide water for 1,000 people (166 families)

£5,000 provide water for 2,000 people (333 families)

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