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August 11, 2021

Helping SMEs in Indonesia

Fundraiser by Fahdly Saputra
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Tajurhalang sub-district is one of the sub-districts located in Bogor City, Indonesia. Tajurhalang consist of seven villages with a total population around 107,519 people. Majority of them is depend on Micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) activities to support their needs in daily basis, but currently they're facing serious difficulties since the COVID-19 pandemic spread. Lots of them are no longer able maintain business as usual, many have finally collapsed and went out of business.

The economic setback experienced by the societies as well as Micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs), changed so many things on so many levels, one of which the fastest we’re able see is the crime rate. According to the data taken form the government recently, the crime rate on 2021 is increasing 228% compare to 2016.

People become restless, they’re facing something bigger, not just unstable economic conditions, but also the moral crisis in granular levels.

Seeing this phenomenon, I represent  Budiman Foundation and colleagues from Infini Kleos, trying to help our brothers and sisters here through the Smart Tajurhalang program. We try to help them by providing direction, guidance, training, and facilitating them to be able to return to selling through the online platform that we are working on.

Despite being faced with various obstacles, we remain confident and continue to fight so that this program can be implemented properly. We hope that with the help and support from you, your relatives, colleagues and friends, we here do not lose their livelihoods, and can support their families properly to survive this pandemic.

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