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4 Things You Should Have Capitalised on This Ramadan

The Holy Month of Ramadan is now behind us. It was, without a doubt, a glorious month in which Muslims around the world performed the task of fasting for a whole month to obtain piety, Taqwa and blessings of Allah (SWT). As well as fasting, Ramadan is also meant to be spent doing as many good deeds as possible. Now that Ramadan has concluded though, people are adjusting back to their normal daily lives and already looking forward to next year for another opportunity to seek guidance and forgiveness.

In the month of Ramadan, people should consider the welfare of not only themselves but also of those all around. This is best done by thinking of all Muslims as a single brotherhood.  Instead of wasting money on worldly products during Ramadan, you should put the month to better use for the hereafter, spending your wealth in the way of Allah and solely to earn His pleasure.

Read on to see the best possible ways you could have spent this past Ramadan and for some tips on how to spend Ramadan next year.

Donate to Charity and Relief Aid Organizations

During this Holy month, you should spend your wealth in such a way that you can attempt to purify it. Charity is a good place to start because you are rewarded for good deeds and in the month of Ramadan, the reward for any good deed is multiplied by seventy. So a good deed such as feeding meals to the poor will be a deed worth a tremendous reward this Ramadan.

Ramadan is also the time of year that sees Muslims donate money most generously. As with all good deeds, such an act counts for more blessings during this month. Money can be donated to relief aid agencies, charitable organisations and hospitals. These places are in dire need of any financial support you can offer because such funds allow them to save precious lives. Instead of money, Muslims can also donate blood to blood banks for Ramadan.

Perform Umrah

Agreed, this is a costly venture but it is much more rewarding than anything else you could do. Performing Umrah during the holy month of Ramadan is an extremely spiritual journey that garners unlimited blessings to the individuals concerned.Of course, your ability to perform Umrah will depend on whether or not you face obstacles in the form of travel, Visa restrictions and cost issues. However, if you can afford to take the journey both financially and logistically, you should definitely do so.  You can pray in Masjid Al-Haram in Makkah, spend the nights worshipping in Masjid Nabwi in Madinah and perform Umrah. Visiting the home of Allah during this blessed month is sure to be overwhelming and greatly satisfying for the soul.

Invest in Sadaqah Jariya

Sadaqah Jariya is essentially charity or humanitarian work that one undertakes for the benefit of the people. The principle is that when those people then perform good deeds themselves, the person who acted charitably to them also earns blessings.

Ramadan is a great month to invest in something that will continue to earn the soul rewards long after death. Such noble acts of worship include things like contributing to the establishment of a Masjid and placing a water filter for local use.

Child Sponsorship

Money can also be spent on assisting those who are incapable of supporting themselves for the time being. Children, particularly orphans or those living as refugees, have a tough life in war zones as they have no access to food, water, clothes, medicine or education. Sponsoring a child creates a bond between the sponsor and child, allowing the sponsor to see the child’s progress and to ensure they have the tools they need to get back on their feet when they grow up. When we struggle to help save Allah’s creations, Allah will recognize our wish to earn His forgiveness and Paradise.

If you managed to do any of these great deeds – or even some of them – this past Ramadan, good on you. If not, it doesn’t mean you have to wait until next year. The beauty of doing good deeds is that anytime is the best time for them. The more you do, the better. So get started today and donate your charity to people who truly need it.

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