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Muslim Aid Blog

  • Ramadan 2014 Checklist

    29th June, 2014

    The blessed month of Ramadan is here. Muslims around the world are rejoicing at Ramadan’s arrival, because it is the month of unlimited blessings. It is a month of forgiveness,…

  • Muslim Aid Eid Gift Programme

    1st June, 2014

    Ramadan will be arriving in just a month or so. Already there is much buzz about it as millions of Muslims around the world eagerly await its arrival. After all, it is the month of blessings…

  • A Rare Smile, A Rare Sight

    27th May, 2014

    Children in the Zataari Refugee Camp in Jordan had something to smile about. Five European comedians from Mabsutins, a private circus, and a clown group from Spain performed for them for more…

  • How Jordan is Assisting Syrian Refugees

    20th May, 2014

    They say we can pick our friends but we cannot pick our neighbors. When it comes to Jordan, Syria could not have had a better neighbour. Both countries have enjoyed close relations with each…

  • How to Promote a Charity Event for the Syrian Refugees

    13th May, 2014

    Charity events help people who are in financial, physical or any other kinds of trouble. Syria relief campaign is an initiative for which countless people are making efforts and organising…

  • Warm Blankets and Clothes Urgently Needed In Syria

    6th May, 2014

    Note: We do not accept clothes donations, only monetary donations. Winter has arrived in Syria. Though the Arabian deserts are known for their scorching heat waves, they are also…

  • A Tiny Ray of Light At the End of the Tunnel

    29th April, 2014

    The Syria crisis has been going on for almost three years, with no signs of slowing down, until recently. After years of bloodshed, chaos and turmoil, there is renewed hope, albeit small,…

  • Four Things Your Donations Pay For

    22nd April, 2014

    Two million Syrian refugees are living in different parts of the world. Most of them are concentrated in refugee camps in Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey. While more relief camps are being set up…

  • Muslim Aid's Snowdon Retreat 2014 Fully Booked!

    Muslim Aid’s Snowdon Retreat 2014 Fully Booked!

    16th April, 2014

    Being an active relief aid and development organization with presence in over 70 countries, Muslim Aid relies on the generous donations from valued donors as well as the pledges from…

  • Let’s Get Ready For Ramadan

    16th April, 2014

    Ramadan is just a few months away and just like every year, many people are anxiously awaiting the month of blessings and forgiveness. Its extraordinary importance in Islam cannot be ignored.…