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Muslim Aid Blog

  • Zakat and Sadaqah

    7th July, 2014

    0% admin your zakat donations Zakat and Sadaqah have many similarities. For one, both involve giving something that belongs to you, to someone who has a need for it. However, they are a few…

  • The People of Myanmar Need Your Help

    6th July, 2014

    The sheer level of violence and upheaval currently occurring in Myanmar (Burma) is reaching unprecedented levels. More than fifty two thousand people that have been killed so far and over…

  • Don’t Forget About Syria

    6th July, 2014

    The Syria Relief Aid campaign from Muslim Aid was specifically devised to assist in tackling the Syria refugee crisis; to come to the aid of hundreds of thousands of refugees who were…

  • New refugee camp opened in Jordan

    5th July, 2014

    Since the beginning of the Syrian conflict, over 2.5 million refugees have fled the country. Jordan, which shares a border with its embattled neighbour, is now home to 600,000 registered…

  • Aid For Desperate Myanmar Citizens

    5th July, 2014

    Muslims in Myanmar have been living in turmoil for quite some time and every month the situation gets worse. In January of this year, 48 Myanmar Muslims lost their lives in a savage attack.…

  • Ramadan And World Cup Football

    3rd July, 2014

    The 2014 FIFA World Cup coincides with Ramadan this year, an extremely rare occurrence by all accounts. Not since 1986 have the two occasions coincided with one another. While this will…

  • Become A Volunteer At Muslim Aid

    3rd July, 2014

    Muslim Aid has been involved in worldwide relief aid and development work for decades. We have achieved many milestones along the way and in the process, helped hundreds of thousands of…

  • How Muslims Can Play Their Part In Caring For Humanity

    3rd July, 2014

    Within a few months, Muslims around the world will be ringing in the month of Ramadan. For the most part, Muslims spend Ramadan fasting, reciting Quran, and performing Salaat and Taravih…

  • What About Them?

    2nd July, 2014

    It all begins with a single thought. A thought that sends an individual into a state of critique and self-analysis. A thought that spawns a dozen questions and thereby inspires a…

  • Water Rig Project By Muslim Aid

    2nd July, 2014

    As a relief aid organisation, Muslim Aid carries an enormous responsibility of providing aid to those who need it. Whether it is providing clean drinkable water and food in inhabitable…