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A Call For Aid For Palestine

The story of Palestine is a grim tale that spans almost three quarters of a century. Every year or so we hear some news about reform and things getting better only to see all the hard work go to waste and things returning back to the way they were.  

Palestine as a whole has become a war-ravaged place. The people of Gaza in particular continue to suffer in the aftermath of the decades of violent conflict and bloodshed. There is very little peace here and too much pain and agony.

While suffering is something they have in abundance, one thing they are in dire need of is adequate medical assistance. They need medical equipment to properly treat patients. They need medicine and vaccinations to keep babies and children in good health. They need hospitals and ICU’s that can accommodate the growing number of patients some of them victims of war and they need experienced doctors willing to risk their lives to provide medical aid to these patients. They need a reliable 24 hour emergency ambulance service.

This is where Muslim Aid has stepped up and taken charge of the situation.

Currently we are working on 15 hospitals, clinics and intensive care units. The goal is to provide support to these institutions and provide them with proper medical supplies and 24 hours emergency care and ambulance service. Through donations from our valued donors and fans, we have been able to make noticeable progress in these areas and ensure proper relief aid reaches the people of Gaza in due time.

At a time like this, when Ramadan has just begun, we must keep our Palestinian brothers and sisters in mind as we pray for the protection of our own family and loved ones. These are our brothers and sisters as per Islam and it is our duty and moral obligation to come to their aid and provide them with the basic necessities of life. Giving the Gaza people proper relief aid will ensure they continue to live out their lives as they see fit.

The severity of the current situation has worsened the medical situation in the region. There are elderly that need looking after and new born babies and children that need their immunisations. Without hospitals and ambulances, the medical infrastructure in Gaza can be severely impacted particularly in case of an emergency. This is where you come in as a donor. A donation of just £75 supports ambulance to respond to 5 people. A donation of £150 responds to 10 people. Your donations essentially strengthen the infrastructure within Gaza and possibly save lives in the process.

We at Muslim Aid would like to urge our supporters to get involved in this noble cause and provide aid for Gaza in these tough times. The month of Ramadan is upon us and performing good deeds is something that is strongly recommended during this month to obtain the blessings of Allah (SWT). For a region that has seen pain and agony for nearly three quarters of a century, it is only right that we assist them in getting at least the basic functionalities of life in order.

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