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Muslim Aid has been involved in worldwide relief aid and development work for decades. We have achieved many milestones along the way and in the process, helped hundreds of thousands of people with our creative development programmes (based on region) as well as our relief aid campaigns for war-struck or poverty struck areas, including Syria and Myanmar. A big part of our success comes from the invaluable donations we receive from supporters and organizations around the world. However, we also owe a lot of gratitude and admiration to the people we place on the ground to make sure our campaigns succeed, that our relief efforts make a difference and that people’s lives are improved.

Muslim Aid Volunteer Work

Volunteer Work at Muslim Aid is a year round process. There are always opportunities available that require some form of volunteer work. Check out this video from Muslim Aid on how to volunteer.

We are always looking for people to get involved and we urge our supporters to pass the word on to others. Volunteers for Muslim Aid come from different backgrounds and from different parts of the world. They have different personalities and styles, however, as Muslim Aid Volunteers, they are all united as one team to help our brothers and sisters in humanity escape a life of poverty and get back on their feet.

Muslim Aid has been playing its part in ensuring that the generous donations we receive reach their intended recipient and make life better for people living in poverty around the world. Volunteer at Muslim Aid. Get involved in our programme. Look up the very many volunteer opportunities we have and sign up. Travel expenses and lunch will be provided for by Muslim Aid. We can always use an extra hand to ensure our resources reach the right people.

Muslim Aid will continue to reach out to its supporters and people around the world in an effort to combat poverty wherever it is found.

Become a part of a multi-national organization that truly cares about ending world poverty. Volunteer at Muslim Aid and make a difference!

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