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Dig A Well For A Better Tomorrow

When it comes to charity work, there is no such thing as a big deed or a small one. All charity work regardless of scope is invaluable particularly when it has the potential to impact the lives of the needy in a positive way. Nevertheless, it is often observed that the smallest of gestures sometimes have the biggest impact. The generous donations we receive from around the world go towards ensuring a better tomorrow for those without food, clothes or shelter. It also enables Muslim Aid to be creative and design unique programmes that cater to specific regions and people. The Dig A Well Project is one such programme.

This unique and highly successfully project by Muslim Aid has been instrumental in changing people lives for the better. The idea behind Dig A Well is simple; determine areas and communities where water is scarce or non-existent and then build a well for those communities so that they can have access to fresh and clean water.

A recent survey indicates that as much as one–sixth of the world population does not have access to clean water. Another study paints a more devastating picture; over 1 billion children worldwide do not have enough water for proper sanitation leaving them to prone to disease and infection. Realising the urgency of the situation Muslim Aid knew it had to get involved.

We used the UN Millennium Development Goals document as a starting point as well as reference. It outlines the humanitarian progress for different regions around the world as well as specific check points and goals that need to be achieved by a certain period of time. One of these goals is to improve the access to clean water by 50% by 2015. In light of this goal, Muslim Aid initiated its Dig a Well project which would determine communities in need to water and dig wells in their vicinity to give them access to it. So far, we have built over 1000 wells in the last five years. These wells now provide safe, clean, hygienic water to the inhabitants making day to day activities that much easier. We, at Muslim Aid believe that at this rate, we are well on our way to achieving the goal outlined by the United Nations.

We urge everyone to get involved in this charitable cause and do their part for the betterment of the planet. Join Muslim Aid’s Dig A Well project and become a sponsor. Your contribution will ensure more people drink safe clean water and stay disease free. Such is the scope of this project that a single well can impact dozens of families. Imagine the drastic improvement water can bring to a village. Not only can it improve their health, it can also improve their crops through proper watering of the land. The Dig A Well project is the perfect opportunity to give Sadiqah Jariyah ensuring that the fruits of your hard work continue for years to come.

Instead of impacting one life, impact entire communities. Join the Muslim Aid’s Dig A Well project. For more information, contact us on our website at

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