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Economic Empowerment: Why Microfinance is the Answer

It is a sad fact that many people around the world simply do not have access to the essential supplies and funds necessary to improve their lives for the better. This can be down to a wide variety of reasons, from living as a refugee to having no access to vital services like healthcare and education.

For these people, it can be extremely difficult to lift themselves out of their current situations and improve the quality of their lives. However, one of the best ways that this can be achieved is through economic empowerment. Microfinance is a great way to provide disadvantaged people with the means to secure a stable future. Vulnerable people are able to work to better themselves – microfinance is the perfect starting point to help them get off the ground.

Vital Support for Individuals and Communities Alike

Muslim Aid’s microfinance programmes are designed to help people who have been struck by hardship, people who just need a little assistance to make ends meet. The programmes enable those determined to change their lives to look towards the future with newfound hope.

We provide these people with interest-free, collateral-free microcredit. With the help of microfinance loans, families can prosper; setting up and running businesses without the fear of running out of funding. Through our programmes, entire communities can benefit; escaping the confines of poverty and creating a more positive future for both themselves and the next generation.

We take a holistic approach to microfinance – our support doesn’t just include the funding itself. Instead, we also aim to help disadvantaged people by developing their skills in vital industries such as agriculture, handicrafts, clothes production and small business management.

Microfinance in Bangladesh: Shaping the Future

The work that we do as part of our microfinance programme is ongoing, as we aim to provide support to as many people as possible. We have been sending out economic aid over the past two decades, and to date, more than 71,000 people have benefited from taking part in the programme. Located in seven countries across the world, microfinance in Bangladesh, Sudan, Somalia, Cambodia, Indonesia, Pakistan and Sri Lanka has helped these people to increase productivity and create positive, successful communities founded by a new way of life.

At its core, the purpose behind microfinance is to tackle poverty at its very root. Our campaign takes the long-term approach – cutting the cycle of poverty and ensuring the future is a bright one.

Help us in our mission to provide economic empowerment to disadvantaged people and communities – donate to our current microfinance projects today. 

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