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Fight Hunger this Ramadan with Muslim Aid

Ramadan 2015 is drawing near; a month of blessing, a month of purity and a month of giving to charity. Ramadan is the ninth lunar month of the Islamic Calendar and is an extremely auspicious month for Muslims around the world.
Fasting, one of the Five Pillars of Islam is one of the key elements of Ramadan, where Muslims all over the world fast from dawn until dusk. Normal day to day routine is replaced with prayer, seeking forgiveness from Allah SWT and remembering those less fortunate than ourselves. Fasting in Islam is a month of modesty, patience, discipline and most of all, generosity.
For most of us, when we fast, our minds tend to wander to what delicious food may await us upon breaking our fast. Families unite together and prepare traditional feasts to sit together and eat for Iftar (evening meal). However, this month also serves to remind us of the many millions of people out there in the world who don’t even know when or where their next meal will come from.
Nothing compares to the satisfying relief that you feel upon breaking your fast after a whole day of refraining from food and drink. It is difficult to even imagine how it must feel for those who may not even know what these delicious dishes are, or what they taste like. They yearn for just the simplest of things that we tend to take for granted, such as clean water, food and warmth.
So, Feed the Hungry this Ramadan with Muslim Aid. While you are at home with your loved ones, preparing for your Iftar meal together, you can also ensure someone out there is fed too. Your donation can provide support to some of the thousands of people out there who are constantly struggling and hungry.
It is believed that during Ramadan, the reward for good deeds is multiplied by 70. As a community, with so much manpower, there is so much we can do to help change the lives of these people in need. There are many projects by Muslim Aid, such as Feed the Hungry UK, the Dig a Well Project, the Child Sponsorship Programme and many more. Together, we can play our part and ensure we gain as much sawab (reward) as we can this month whilst changing the future of those around us.
With the dedicated help and donations of our supporters, Ramadan 2014 saw Muslim Aid raising record-breaking figures towards making a difference. You can also make a difference in someone’s life this year and give a gift that keeps on giving. Donate to Muslim Aid today and see the change you can make to someone's life.
Remember, we can give without even recalling, but those in need will take without ever forgetting.
To find out more about how you can Feed the Hungry this Ramadan, see Muslim Aid’s website today, where you can find useful information on our various campaigns and projects.
Let’s unite this Ramadan and attempt to reduce world poverty.

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