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Hiking Event by Muslim Aid

Do you have any plans for the first weekend of March? If your schedule is clear, we have a suggestion for you. Hang out with us! is conducting an exciting event this March. We want to create campaign awareness and bring like-minded people together to discuss things that matter. We have organized numerous event before and this time around, Muslim Aid will take on the Great Ridge 5 mile trek along with other fans and supporters. We would love for you to be there.
This is a great opportunity to get involved in fun activities and have a discussion about ways to better serve humanity. There are many ways to get involved aside from financial contributions. There are plenty of volunteer work opportunities available at Muslim Aid. In fact, it is one of our busiest departments because we take in a number of events and projects; all of which require people on the ground to host, attend and serve.
Coming back to the 5 mile event, it is open to everyone. All are encouraged to attend. Just show up and participate. The cost to register is only £15. The sponsorship target is only £50. There will be plenty of refreshments on the way with lots of water and other consumables. Transport to the event will be provided by the Muslim Aid's Midlands Office. The event is on Sunday 1st March, 2015, in Peak District.
Naturally, the idea behind any event is to interact with the people and create campaign awareness. Muslim Aid have been in this industry for 30 years now, and we will be talking about some of the work we have been doing in certain parts of the world. Over the decades, we have helped thousands of people and established ourselves as a reliable and reputable organization. A big part of our relief aid efforts have centered around Africa where we have taken on different types of projects lately. Some of them are complete; others are nearing completion. Hunger and poverty are some of the biggest concerns in this region. Lack of water is another. Muslim Aid has been working actively on building wells in this area so that local communities and villages can have a reliable supply of clean, fresh water. This is one of many things we have done in Africa. The 5 mile event presents an excellent opportunity to talk about some of our work and the progress we have made so far.
The Great Ridge 5 mile trek will be an massively fun event which is why we would like to urge all our fans, readers, and supporters to show up and be a part of it. We are all really excited about it. Right now, it's looking to be a very popular event, and we would love for you to be there. Be sure to register either by contacting Muslim Aid on 0121 771 3372, reach us via our website or email [email protected] Hurry up! Spots are limited, and everyone is welcome to apply and attend.

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