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How to get kids involved in Ramadan with fun decorations

Ramadan is all about fasting, and worship; and kids, it can be so much fun! The spiritual high that comes with the holy month can translate so well with children if we include them in the festivities.

Children absorb their environment like sponges, so the energy we put out for them during Ramadan is what they may associate it with as they grow.

Between increasing your ibadah, work, sorting out iftar and suhoor, chores and all other life duties while fasting throughout the day (without caffeine!), it can seem hard to prioritise making Ramadan enjoyable for children.

Luckily, children are very receptive to simple changes made in their environement and simply decorating their surroundings is enough to make a difference.

Here are some Ramadan decoration tips for kids for the whole family to enjoy:

1. Lanterns

A childhood favourite for many across the world during Ramadan. The now-global tradition originated in Egypt and was named ‘fanoos Ramadan’, which literally translates to ‘Ramadan lantern’. Its original purpose was to light up the streets at night during the holy month and they were made in different colours for decorative purposes. Nowadays, lanterns are almost exclusively used for decorative purposes.

They can be bought online with light bulbs or tea candle variations (can be unsafe for very young children) or they can even be made and coloured with paper or other household items for a decorative piece that doesn’t light up.

Get the children involved in placing them across the home so they have ownership of the decoration.

2. Crescent wall

Designating a wall in the home is a perfect way to get children in the Ramadan spirit. Cutting out crescents and other shapes and letting children colour them is a brilliant way to get them creative and engaged during Ramadan.

They can also stick messages, affirmations and Islamic reminders for themselves and the rest of the family on the wall. It’s a perfect way to encourage children to communicate with their families and expand their creativity at the same time.

3. Reflection tent

A children’s indoor tent is a perfect way to let children have a small play (and pray) area. They can be bought online (check Gumtree or eBay for affordable second-hand ones), or you can make one with bed sheets. The inside can be decorated with Islamic books and toys, a small prayer mat and even a colouring station.

The outside can even be decorated with lanterns and snow lights. Get them involved in making the tent so it can be their little home. The best part is they will be able to use it for years to come until it no longer fits them, then you can donate it as a form of sadaqah!

You can even make them a little Mosque out of cardboard, A Crafty Arab shows you exactly how in her post here.

4. Iftar party with friends and family

Just because they aren’t fasting yet, it doesn’t mean they should be left out of iftar parties. Have a children’s iftar party is a perfect idea to allow them to bring their friends and family over and break their ‘fasts’ together. It’s a beautiful bonding exercise and gets them prepared for real iftar parties in the years to come.

5. Support Muslim businesses!

Nowadays, there is a plethora of Muslim businesses that offer Islamic toys and creative items for children and they are usually small businesses. Look at different online marketplaces – or better yet – if you know anyone selling a product or service, buy from your friends and family and shout out about them to your networks.

Making Ramadan fun for children doesn’t have to be expensive, nor time consuming. Give them fun memories, a nice atmosphere and shower them with love and affection and they'll grow up to love Ramadan and have amazing memories that will last for the rest of their lives and generations to come.

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