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Now that Ramadan has concluded, Muslims all over the world are returning to their normal daily routine. After a month of fasting, prayer and ten days of i'tikaaf, most people would welcome the return to normalcy, but the same cannot be said about the people of Palestine. The situation for them was grim throughout Ramadan, and it hasn’t changed much since Eid. Over 2000 people lost their lives during Ramadan, much of Gaza has been bombarded beyond recognition. For the people of Gaza, these times of peace allow them to pick up the pieces after the destruction of war.

Muslim Aid has been at the forefront of providing relief aid to the people of Gaza. With no drinking water in the area, we distributed thousands of water bottles to Gaza residents in an effort to provide them with this basic necessity of life. In addition to water, other supplies such as food rations and clothes were also provided to the people of Gaza. Our staff were on the ground in Gaza as the crisis was unfolding and worsening during the month of Ramadan.

With the recent cease-fires, we are once again in the area and this time we are there with more aid and a new vigour to reach more people. In partnership with Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP), we have been able to export more relief and medical aid to help provide treatment to the victims of the violence in Gaza. In the aftermath of the violence, there has been a huge shortfall of medical supplies and equipment. During the crisis, hospitals were destroyed, and even the United Nations’ refugee hospital suffered a hit amid all the chaos. As such, there is a genuine need for virtually all types of medical aid from vaccinations and medicine to medical equipment.

In such a critical time, the timely distribution of these medical packs is crucial and will help sustain and boost the lifesaving work in the region. Already too many hospitals have been destroyed, and the ones that have managed to remain intact are under-resourced, understaffed, and overwhelmed with patients. Medical aid is needed desperately there, and Muslim Aid has been up to the task.

Do your part in assisting the people of Gaza. They have suffered too much in a very short amount of time. Relief aid agencies like Muslim Aid have a job to do; to provide aid of all kinds to the people of Gaza. Muslim Aid was one of the first responders to the Gaza crisis. We have been involved in a number of aid-related activities in the region and most recently, our focus has been on the medical situation in Gaza. We need people to contribute and get involved though, to ensure that we can help the rebuilding effort. If you wish to participate, visit the Muslim Aid website and browse through our campaigns  or donate to the Gaza Emergency Appeal campaign and pledge your support to the people of Gaza. 

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