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Network Ramadan - Muslim Aid Ramadan 2015 Live Television Appeals

In this day and age, there is a wealth of information available on the Internet, radio and social media.
The month will fly past before we even know it so, together, let’s take out some quality time and make the effort to educate ourselves on what is happening around the world.
There are countless Islam TV channels available at the touch of a button and there are even stations dedicated to Ramadan on the radio!
As with every Ramadan, Muslim Aid will be reaching out to the public through their live TV appeals. The overall aim is to encourage donations and raise as much awareness as possible to help those in need.
We have listed a few of Muslim Aid’s Live TV Appeal focuses for this Ramadan below:

The Beity orphanage, based in Turkey, is home to 100 children and is a project supported by Muslim Aid. Following the outbreak of conflict in Syria, millions of children have lost one or even both parents. These innocent, grief-stricken children are left stranded and distraught.
The Beity project aims to change that and help these children get their lives back on track so that they can rebuild their futures.
Muslim Aid talks about the Beity project in their live TV appeal this Ramadan, airing 20th June on the Islam Channel. Tune into these live TV appeals to gain more of an understanding of the programmes you sponsor and contribute towards.
The Rainbow Family Project

The Rainbow Family Project was created to help educate refugee children in third-world countries, along with their communities. The aim is to ensure the child’s development and further their skills to enable them to go on, succeed in their lives and drive the community forward.
For more information on Muslim Aid’s Rainbow Family project and what it entails, tune into our live TV appeals on the following dates:

24th June, 4th, 10th and 14th July, on Islam Channel.
Child Poverty

Delivering aid to children around the world, with a key aim to reduce poverty where it is needed is a top priority. Be it through the child sponsorship programme or regular giving to free children from hunger and disease, Muslim Aid are keen to help the children of tomorrow with your support. For more information on the Reduce Child Poverty campaign, tune into the live TV appeals listed below:

26th June on Bangla channel
30th June on Islam Channel
Our aim for these live TV appeals is to raise awareness and funds for these campaigns during the auspicious month of Ramadan. With your continuous support, Muslim Aid can yet again make a substantial difference to the lives of people around the world who need our help.
Donate to Muslim Aid today and be part of the reason for the change in someone’s life.
Visit to donate online or call the Muslim Aid Donation line on +44 20 7377 4200 between 09:00 and 17:00, or any time during our appeal nights.

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