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Prisoners Project: Reflection for Ramadan

Prison is a time to reflect, a time to address personal issues and work on an effective transition back into the outside world. For many prisoners, faith is an essential part of successfully completing this transition. And for Muslims, there is no time more suited to reflection than the month of Ramadan.

Ramadan 2017 is fast approaching – meaning that it is time to remember our brothers and sisters who are in prison and work towards aiding their future growth and development.

Why is Faith so Important?

Faith is synonymous with hope, a deep-rooted feeling that nourishes the soul. It is staying safe in the knowledge that things will get better, and that there are always better things to come.

As we approach Ramadan and prepare ourselves for the upcoming period of increased reflection and spirituality, it is important to make the most of the opportunity presented to us by helping those around us in any way that we can.

Not all people are able to enjoy the same level of freedom as us, and those currently in prisons are particularly in need of our help. During Ramadan, we should keep these people in mind and do our bit to help them reform, ready to rejoin the outside world.

Many Muslim prisoners lack the essential tools needed to allow them to practice their faith with ease. With your generous support, we aim to help them prepare for Ramadan. Donation packages which include items like prayer mats and Islamic literature will go a long way towards helping these people practice their religion and become reacquainted with the importance of faith.

Prisoners Project

As of March 2016, 14.6% of the UK prison population comprised of Muslims. Our Prisoners Project was launched in 2012 with the goal of providing vital assistance to vulnerable Muslims who are currently in prison. We also hope that the project will help prisoners feel less aggressive and isolated, aiming to assist them in developing self-discipline as a result of practising their faith.

Our prisoner packs are the perfect way to start prisoners back on the path to rehabilitation.

Each kit includes a range of useful items, including:

  • English translation of the Qur’an
  • Prayer mat
  • Hijab/prayer hat
  • Prayer beads (tasbih)
  • Eid card
  • Islamic literature

With your generous support, we can continue our work on the Prisoners Project for the fifth year in a row. Consider making your Ramadan donation with Muslim Aid this year, to help us deliver these packages to vulnerable prisoners across the country.

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