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Sponsor a Child This Ramadan

Education is the only way to secure a bright future for a child. The young minds of today need education and educational tools to become the prodigies of tomorrow. There are many aspects to a good education, aside from an improved literary rate. 

At Muslim Aid, we strongly believe that it is in the children our future lays. Their livelihood is essential for our survival as a whole and to distinguish ourselves as modern human beings. Educating children and providing them with good healthcare reduces poverty, fights back diseases, improves a healthy atmosphere for living and learning and provides future generations with the tools they need to grow, improve and become self-reliant.

Rainbow Family Child Sponsorship Programme

This is precisely why the Rainbow family Child Sponsorship programme was initiated by Muslim Aid many years ago. Most of us are fortunate enough to send our children to school. Some governments even have free schooling all the way to secondary school, much to the delight of children and parents alike. However, there are certain parts of the world where education is being denied to the children who live in that area. Education is a privilege in these areas; a luxury only for the rich and wealthy and as such, it is often the last thing on the minds of those who are displaced by war, famine or natural disaster. This situation is dire and needs to change. If these children are not provided with basic education, they will only grow up to become reliant on relief aid and rations. Education opens the door to self-reliance and success. Denying children that opportunity forever closes that door on them, forcing them to live a refugee life living on food packages and donated blankets.

At Muslim Aid, we are of the opinion that all children should be given the opportunity to get a proper education, where they can challenge themselves and grow. The goal is for them grow up to become responsible individuals who can take care of themselves and even become financially secure enough to assist in relief aid work themselves.

This is where Rainbow Family Child Sponsorship Programme truly shines.

We have paired hundreds of children with their respective donors who oversee their education as well as medical progress and updates. These two will never meet personally but they will know one another through photographs. Muslim Aid’s Child Sponsorship programme continues to help children realise their aspirations by providing them with an opportunity to nurture their talent and use it in the long run for the good of the community as a whole. It won’t be long until a major success story arises from this programme.

Sponsor a Child this Ramadan

This Ramadan, take a step towards changing the life of a young boy or girl. Become their sponsor and personally oversee their educational progress. You will be kept updated on all things including health and education, as well as kept up to date with photographs. Not only will this be a rewarding prospect spiritually, but it will also do good for the betterment of humanity as a whole. 

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