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Stay Humble and Be Thankful

In our daily lives, it can be all too easy to get brought down by the little details while overlooking the bigger picture. All too often, this can lead to discontentment, causing us to become unhappy with our lives as we forget to focus on what is most important.


Staying humble and being thankful should be essential parts of life – but all too often, we find ourselves getting caught up in things that don’t really matter rather than appreciating everything that we do have.

Charity giving is the perfect way to get back to our roots and ensure that humility remains a vital part of daily life. Being positive and staying thankful can be an incredibly rewarding philosophy - every day, we should always strive to be the very best that we can be. This may seem daunting, but reintroducing thankfulness into daily life needn’t be a difficult task.

Showing Appreciation with Charity Giving

Of course, it is inevitable that sometimes we will find ourselves in completely thankless situations. For instance, when you have poured hours of dedication into a project at work and received no thanks in return, it can understandably be a little demoralising.

However, all that can change this New Year. It is the perfect opportunity to start making positive changes in your life and the lives of others both close to home and further afield. Let’s take the time to recognise and appreciate the people who make our day that little bit brighter - the people who always go above and beyond in every situation. All too often, we forget about the immeasurable reward we receive from Allah SWT in exchange for our kindness to others – something which we should most definitely be thankful for.

It is also important not to forget about the disadvantaged people around the world who need our help. We should always endeavour to stay humble and appreciate how fortunate we are. One of the best ways to ensure we stay modest is by doing our bit to help others.

Embrace the power of positivity and welcome charity giving as the perfect way to ensure you are thankful for every opportunity. Click here to set up a regular donation, or call Muslim Aid today on 020 7377 4200.


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