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The Benefits of Giving to Charity

The notion of giving charity to others offers just as much benefit to ourselves as it does to those we give to.

For one, nothing beats the feeling of giving to others and knowing that you have contributed towards someone’s wellbeing or future. We have been put in this world by Allah (SWT), and in a way, are inter-reliant on one another for our wellbeing and protection. We have been given a mind, a heart and feelings, to enable us to care and feel for each other – not just for those that we are related to – but also those who are the same as us; human.

The Benefits of Giving

Many people have been falsely led into thinking that materials will bring them satisfaction in life but often find that materialism is not a guarantee of happiness. Instead, it is usually the people that you surround yourself with that are a sure way to feeling content and, especially, bringing joy to your family and friends. Think about any time you have arranged a nice surprise for someone you love and how the act of giving has bought yourself pleasure and excitement.

For the Good of Others

There are those that reside in the exact same world in which we live, who are created by the One and only Lord who also created us; they are, therefore, our fellow brothers and sisters who we should look out for in whichever way we can.

There are many of us in a position to give more, whilst there are also many of us who are able to give less; there is no difference, as the act of giving is far better than not giving at all. Every contribution made helps, and no amount of charity – large or small - goes unseen by our Creator. At the end of the day, it is our intention we are judged upon, and we are judged only by our Lord Himself.

Hundreds of innocent communities in the world have found themselves trapped in cycles of poverty or have lost their comfort and livelihood through political dispute and conflict. These people are the most vulnerable in our society and face fear and hardship through no fault of their own, but they still deserve to feel hope and know that there is someone out there that cares enough to end their suffering.

Our teams working in these countries provide relief from fear and hope when it feels lost and we can only continue to do so with your support.


For the Good of Ourselves

Allah (SWT) promises us that the act of giving to charity shall in no way decrease our wealth – be it in the world of today, in our Hereafter, or both.

The psychological benefits of giving to charity far outweigh anything we could have purchased for ourselves, or perhaps something we already have, but feel we need or want more of.

Finally, and foremost, the truest benefit of giving to others is the promise of our reward in the Hereafter, which will far outweigh what we may have given in this world.

Benefits of Charity

Charity is not restricted to solely monetary contributions but can be given by volunteering your time to raise funds in support of a good cause. Whether you choose to plan your own fundraising event or give your time to a local organisation, such as a soup kitchen or charity shop, to help improve the lives of others, it all makes a difference.

When you change someone’s world for the better and bring about positive change, that is a feeling of happiness and joy that nothing can beat, and no one can take away.

Charity That Supports Our Future

Islam at its core belief is teaching us to be mindful of the duties and rights of everyone around us and respect all of Allah's (SWT) creations, especially those who are most vulnerable – children.

In order to flourish, a child needs sufficient nutrition, education, emotional and physical support, as well as adequate healthcare and wellbeing.

Most of us do whatever is in our power for our offspring, in order to give them the best start and chance in life that we possibly can. Remember, there are millions of children amongst us and out there that have lost either one or both of their parents, and do not have the same privileges that we are able to present to our children.

When our children hurt, we hurt – so why should the cries of a child in need across the world affect us any less?

Sponsor a child with Muslim Aid and help the children of our future flourish and get what they need today. #yougiveweserve

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