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Ramadan is an auspicious month known for caring and giving, amongst many other humble things. In this month, there are so many different categories of giving, that we thought we would simplify it for you.

Zakat is known as an act of obligation for Muslims and represents one of The Five Pillars of Islam. It is a form of sharing a part of your wealth with those who are less fortunate than yourself.  Zakat is obligatory on those who fall into the category of being liable for zakat. It is calculated by factoring in any valuables, assets and wealth you have remaining after deducting any accountability for that lunar year. This figure is then levied at 2.5%. To find out if and how much zakat you are liable for, use the Muslim Aid Zakat calculator.

The zakat is then donated to a charity such as Muslim Aid, and distributed towards the campaigns that are in need of it the most. There is also a particular type of beneficiary that zakat can be distributed to, see here for more details.


The term Fidyah is a form of substitute tax payable in the event that one cannot fast during Ramadan, due to ill health. This is calculated at £5 per person, per day; this money is then distributed amongst those in need. 


Much like Fidyah; kaffarah is also a levy payable in the event that one doesn’t fast. But, it is payable if a fast is deliberately broken or missed. The forfeit for this is to feed 60 people in need at £5 per person for every fast missed.

Sadaqah Jariyah

Sadaqah Jariyah is the term used for ongoing charity, much like digging a well - which would bring an entire community water every day for the foreseeable future rather than for just one day. Each time someone uses the well to drink water, you will receive ongoing blessings. This is also contributed by many in the honour of their deceased loved ones, who will also be rewarded.

General Donations 

Along with Ramadan-specific contributions, general donations can be made - either towards a particular cause that resonates with you, emergencies around the world, towards orphans or widows, for tackling poverty, feeding the fasting, providing self-sufficiency to those who need it, and so many more campaigns.

 It is believed that by giving our wealth, we do not lose any because the act of giving is our true wealth. So, be it the blessed month of Ramadan or any other time of the year, there will always be someone that will need our help and support, and this is our opportunity to be there for them.

 Whatever your form of donation and whichever way you contribute, Donate to Muslim Aid this Ramadan and help serve humanity worldwide.

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