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What’s Life like in a Syrian Refugee Camp?

To live life as a refugee would be testing for even the toughest of us, yet we must remember that there are 2.8 million Syrian refugees living that very life across the Syrian border, in neighbouring countries. They are distressed, surrounded by agony and pain with very little hope and very little in the way of provisions. Life at the refugee camps is very difficult for each and every Syrian refugee because of the trials and tribulations they have to face every single day. Let’s take a quick glance at what life is like at Syrian refugee camps:

Inadequate Provision of Vaccinations

One of the things that is essential for the Syrian refugees but currently inadequate at the camps is the polio vaccination facilities. When it comes to supplying vaccinations, there simply arent enough facilities and supplies to cater for the vast number of refugees. The situation worsens as more refugees arrive at the refugee camps as a result of the Syrian crisis. A lot of children are exposed to the polio threat in Syria and they, as well as their parents, live under threat from these diseases without proper vaccinations avaliable.

Makeshift Schools are Overcrowded

Most of us prioritise our childrens education, however parents in Syrian refugee camps have no resource that would allow them to send their children to school. You can imagine how terrible it must be for these parents to see their children spending their days doing nothing instead of going to school and gaining skills and knowledge. Syrian children cannot go to school because the number of children in Syrian camps is greater  than the number of students the camp schools can accommodate.

Inadequate Medical Facilities and Medicines

The inadequacy of medical facilities is yet another problem the people of Syria have to face. A lot of the Syrian refugees are injured or sick, but unable to find a remedy for their pain and suffering. A lot of non-profit organisations are making efforts to provide Syrian refugees with the medical aid they require, but the Syrian disaster is affecting the Syrian refugees to a huge extent, and many of the aid providers’ efforts are failing.

Houses without Roofs, Tents Everywhere

A lot of Syrian refugees don’t even have proper shelter above their heads. Many families do have four walls around them, but no roof to protect them from the hot sun, the rain and the bone chilling winds. Thanks to relief aid, refugee camps are being provided with more and more resources so that each and every Syrian refugee can enjoy a proper shelter but right now a lot of Syrians don’t have a roof above their head.

Zero Employment Prospects

One of the many difficult things a Syrian refugee has to face is the fact that they are unable to find employment. There aren’t any industries around the Syrian refugee camps and there are no proper markets which would provide employment opportunities to the refugees. Thus, the distaster stricken Syrian families have to live helplessly, relying on the aid of strangers.

This is life for the people in Syrian refugee camps. If you feel for those dealing with the hardship of life as a Syrian refugee, please give to charity. Your donations can change the lives of the Syrian people seeking refuge outside of Syria, giving them a new hope for a better and brighter future.

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