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Why Charity Giving is Important in Islam

Many brothers and sisters reading this article will be doing so in the comfort of their daily surroundings; in their warm homes, or perhaps even alongside their loved ones. Some of you may be reading this with the intention of charity giving, some may be keeping up to date with current world disasters and emergencies and some may purely be reading to educate themselves.

Being so used to the comforts of everyday life, we find it incredibly easy to forget what we actually have to be thankful for; sometimes, issues arise within our households and we face various problems day to day. The one thing that we seem to forget, though, is that although we are being tested by Allah SWT to a certain extent, our problems may not actually be problems as such.

If we were faced with problems to a much greater extent, we may then reflect upon the issues we are currently dealing with and perhaps see them as a blessing. The trouble with the human mind is that it doesn’t always reflect the opposite extreme and usually focuses on what is at the very forefront.

Where Does Charity Giving Come in?

Now, let’s take a look at how the other half of the world lives. Some people have no access to food or nourishment, some have lost their parents and siblings and are orphaned, some have no means to earn a living, some have no home, medical support or education, some are suffering from extreme poverty and many don’t even have access to clean water for drinking or sanitation purposes.

Our problems don’t really feel like problems anymore now, do they?

What we must realise is that whilst those who are less fortunate than us are being tested by Allah SWT, at the same time, in fact, so are we.

Allah SWT gives wealth to us so that we can share with our brothers and sisters in need; it is our duty to ensure that what we have been given also goes towards others who may even need it more. It is, indeed, our extravagance which is the primary cause of poverty today as so many of us are guilty of purchasing a meaningless accessory or item which could theoretically feed numerous families for an entire year; it can really put things into perspective, right?  

Nonetheless, we are all guilty of something and none of us are perfect - only Allah SWT can judge us. But right now, let’s pledge to help at least one person in need and aim to change their life for the better.

Join Muslim Aid and attempt to make a difference to someone in the world with charity giving, be it by feeding the hungry, sponsoring an orphan or helping towards current world emergencies; your donations will go a long way in helping you in the Hereafter, inshallah.

Help us to serve humanity; visit our website or call the Muslim Aid team on 020 7377 4200 today.

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