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Eid Greetings and Message from the Chairman of Muslim Aid

Assalaamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh & Eid Mubarak

 كل عام و أنتم بخير

May you be well throughout the year.

On behalf of the Board of Trustees, staff & volunteers of Muslim Aid, I would like to convey our heartfelt Eid Greetings to all our donors and supporters.  May Allah (SWT) shower his mercy and blessings upon you and your loved ones and accept your ibaadah and efforts during the holy month of Ramadan. On this happy occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr, let us also pray for those who are suffering and are in desperate need of help. This year we have witnessed the worst drought in Somalia in 60 years. Many of our brothers and sisters have fled their homes in search of food and water and many lives have been lost along the way.

We would like to express our deep appreciation and gratitude to all of our Field Offices and Partners who implemented Muslim Aid’s annual Feed the Fasting Programme to bring nourishment and joy to the needy the world over.  This was made possible by the generous support of our donors and supporters.

We would also like to thank ASDA and our dedicated volunteers for joining forces in Ramadan to raise funds for projects to provide food security and long-term sustainable solutions to disadvantaged communities across the world. May Allah grant us peace, prosperity, progress, and above all, the tawfique to continue to serve humanity with all the means He has granted to us - Ameen 

Wassalam & Eid Mubarak

Sir Iqbal Sacranie OBE Chairman - Board of Trustees

Muslim Aid


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