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How Ramadan is Good for Your Health

Ramadan is a blessed time that all Muslims observe on a yearly basis. Not only is this a time to feed the needy for iftar and suhoor, but it’s also a time to generally benefit the lives of those in desperate circumstances. With this being said, is Ramadan fasting good for your health? Well, Ramadan provides Muslims with a multitude of mental, spiritual, and physical health benefits – as if you needed any more reason to throw yourself into the experience.

How Ramadan is Good for Your Health

Ramadan and health benefits are more closely linked than one might initially think. Find out just some of the reasons why physical wellbeing, mental health, and Ramadan go hand in hand below.

Physical Health, Weight Loss and Digestion

  • Hydration - Ensuring that you’re properly refreshed and hydrated is hugely important, particularly in the summer. Dehydration is among the most notable Ramadan fasting health risks. As a result, maintaining hydration during Ramadan is all the more important, as there’s only a small window in which you can drink. Therefore, you must be sensible when selecting your beverages, opting for water above caffeinated or carbonated drinks. Upon selecting the right beverages, Ramadan health risks are minimal.
  • Energy Source - Another important aspect of Ramadan is ensuring that your energy is kept up at all times. Slow release, fibrous, and healthy foods will be the most beneficial to you, as the storage of fat will mean that energy is regularly released throughout the day. However, glucose fuelled foods will give you a quick burst of energy and eventually lead to a crash.
  • Better Food Choices - Improved food choices will come from the aforementioned need for energy throughout the day. Dates are such an integral feature of breaking the fast due to their energy-boosting qualities and richness in fibre, potassium, magnesium, and B vitamins. As well as this, they’re also especially helpful in aiding digestion and preventing you from overindulging in carb-fuelled snacks.
  • Body Detox - Fasting forces you to cleanse your body through an intense detox. Drinking water and eating cleanly results in your bodily functions being improved. Similarly, prolonged periods of not ingesting anything cleanse your body of toxins and makes room for nutrients.
  • Overall Health - Blood pressure, diabetes, glucose, and cholesterol management are just some of the advantages of fasting. The NHS has some top tips in relation to Ramadan and health care. .

Mental Health, Concentration and Endorphins

  • Happy - The reasons to feel happy during Ramadan are plentiful, as well as the effect of Ramadan fasting on health. Once you have become accustomed to your new habits, fasting will help you release more endorphins, increasing your alertness and happiness.
  • Focused - Not only are endorphins great for your physical health, but they’re greatly beneficial to your mental health. This is because you’re allowed to channel your focus towards a direction that isn’t food oriented.

Resetting Yourself

  • Spiritually - During Ramadan, mental health becomes more meditative, allowing you to pray and reflect in a spiritual capacity, as opposed to concerning yourself with day-to-day comforts. Self-control and restraint are huge factors of fasting, which strengthens your connection with Allah (SWT). This is because you install trust into him to provide you with what you need and expel your wants.
  • Emotionally - Engaging in deep reflection as Ramadan is intended can be a deeply emotional experience. From peace of mind to contentment, Ramadan is a time to appreciate everything that Allah (SWT) has gifted you. On top of this, the breaking of the fast is a time that should be spent with family, resulting in feelings of love and comfort after a month of sacrifice.
  • Habitually - Everyone is guilty of having bad habits or addictions, no matter how severe or minor. Therefore, we can all do something to improve ourselves. Whether it’s quitting smoking, abstaining from food binges, or stopping lying, Ramadan is the ideal time to make these positive changes. If you’re not ready to address your bad habits, you might take Ramadan as a time to combat unpleasant personality traits such as stubbornness or gossiping. Muslims should take advantage of this golden opportunity to quit all vices and sins, resulting in an improved lifestyle. As well as these significant lifestyle improvements, you’ll feel the benefits of Ramadan fasting on health.

Since you’re now familiar with the abundant health benefits of fasting in Ramadan, you can start the planning and preparation process of becoming the best version of yourself ahead of Ramadan 2024!

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