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Launching our new Ramadan video

We’ve done something a little different to welcome the Holy month of Ramadan. 

We travelled across the UK to meet real people who make up the British Muslim community and asked them what Ramadan means to them. 

We’ve pieced together our favourite responses and you can view the feature video below.

It’s estimated that British Muslims give around £100 million in Ramadan alone and we wanted to see how this makes them feel.

We found the feedback inspiring but what was most surprising, was the views on giving Zakat.

Zakat is a religious obligation where 2.5% of their savings must be donated to eligible charitable causes. Although this is a small gesture, Muslims tend to give a lot more.

We found that, regardless of demographic background or age, there was a united message that giving Zakat wasn’t just seen as a religious due. It was celebrated and people felt good that they could give and help those less fortunate than our selves.

After exploring this theme further, it became the central message of our Ramadan Campaign, which we summarised with the hashtag #feelamazing. 

Muslim Aid is working across the world providing humanitarian aid to where the need is greatest and delivering a wide range of transformational projects.

This Ramadan, we’re helping to feed the fasting by providing food to families which will last an entire month for just £60.You can now by visiting

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