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Ramadan has been amazing – here’s how

Ramadan 2019 has been amazing - in so many ways, and we knew it would be. That’s why we chose the hashtag #feelamazing for the central message this year.  

We’ve zoomed in on people around the world who are suffering the most, as we know that British people want to give to wherever the actual Need is Greatest - and we’ve asked ordinary Brits to tell us about the amazing spiritual highs generated during the holy month.  

It’s been amazing to work with our donors to deliver clean water solutions to 6000 people in Yemen, desperate people who risk death from thirst and starvation, a country where one child dies every 10 minutes. It’s been amazing to give solar powered water stations to vulnerable people in Gaza, who have no choice but to drink and wash in contaminated water, and amazing to give clean water to schools as dirty water can make a child’s body permanently stunted.   

We are building borehole water wells to help innocent people suffering from extreme drought in Somalia, the wells provide enough water for tens of thousands of people every single day - and a well can last 30 years. Water from a well means food can be grown - it’s truly amazing to support people waiting in terror for one of the worst famines ever recorded. And babies are always amazing, we are helping Syrian refugee women have safer births. Each iftar, too, is amazing, and this Ramadan we have been working to Feed the Fasting in 19 countries, making sure people have enough to break their fast.  

"Amazingness" has dominated our UK activities too - expressed by community togetherness. Teenager Ruzina Akhtar, who tragically lost her father at the 2017 Finsbury Park attack, told huge crowds at our commemorative street Iftar that “it’s beautiful to continue to see the community get together today” and MP Dominic Grieve congratulated Muslim Aid, saying “it’s about building bridges, and indeed, love.” At our Grenfell anniversary iftar, London mayor Sadiq Khan told crowds “I’m so proud of you” and newscaster Jon Snow added “Muslim Aid has played an absolutely critical part. Before Grenfell we were two separate communities, now we are together.”   

Before Ramadan, we decided it would be amazing to fly 11 renowned Qu’ran reciters from around the world to tour the UK, which raised over £113,000 for our work. Masterchef winner Saliha Mahmood-Ahmed, international chef Anis Nabilah, reality TV personality Rustie Lee, Chinese-American chef, author and TV presenter Ken Hom, celebrity chef Radhika Beldi and author Shrabani Basu all supported our amazing Ramadan with their cooking talents.   

And during Ramadan, we took amazingness all over the country, from London, Birmingham and Manchester to Bradford, Harrogate, Cardiff and Glasgow. Thousands of generous-hearted folk from all ages and all walks of life dug into pockets and put whatever they could afford into buckets at mosque collections, fundraising dinners, schools and in response to our TV and radio Appeals.   

As Ramadan draws to a close, we at Muslim Aid feel amazing - thanks to you. 

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