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Giving charity feels amazing but seeing your donations in action feels even better.

In Ramadan 2019, Muslim Aid raised the highest amount it’s ever done in the Holy Month – and that’s all thanks to the incredible support of donors like you.

Since Eid, and during Ramadan, our Programmes teams and field offices around the world have been working hard to deliver all the amazing and different projects we were fundraising for.

Of course, some projects are bigger which will have a long-term impact and will need more time to deliver, but we thought it would be a great time to update you on some of the other work that’s been taking place.

Our Ramadan work was spread across 17 countries and has always traditionally started with our Feed the Fasting programme, which sets out to provide iftar and suhoor meals to those in need.

This year, we provided 3.8m meals across Europe, Middle East and Asia, and as well as providing nutritious food-packs, we did something a little different by giving out food vouchers. Watch our video and see how these empower families to get the food they want, adding a little dignity back to their lives.

You responded to emergencies in Yemen and Somalia.

Though missing from the news, Yemen and Somalia are still going through a humanitarian crisis, with both countries suffering from a lack of water and famine.

Generous donations mean that food programmes will take places across both countries, where villages will also receive medical aid and much needed treatment. Long-lasting water solution systems will also be built, including waterboreholes in Somalia and Rain Harvesting Tanks in Yemen.

Some of these water projects can last up to 30 years and will help grow crops, feed livestock and be a real transformer for communities in need.

Gaza is still suffering from lack of drinkable water – and the UN predict that next year, nearly all the water will be unfit for human consumption. This Ramadan, donors once again supported our Solar Powered Water Filtration programme in Gaza, and now we’ll be building these units which will serve clean and safe water to homes and schools.

Remembering the mothers

One of the hardest things a woman can go through is pregnancy, and without medical help we can’t imagine how much harder this can be. The lack of simple help and training causes needless deaths, and we’ve seen this too often in Bangladesh and Syrian refugee camps.

Our work has already started on this, with maternal clinics now providing free access to healthcare, life-enhancing treatments and, most importantly, the safe delivery of healthy babies.

Where the need is greatest

Along with all the above, we constantly work to identify where the Need is Greatest across the world in different communities. Our programmes team carry out full need assessments and hand-tailor projects, so we deliver the aid that’s going to have a transformational impact.

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