Ramadan Feedback

What did your generous donations achieve this Ramadan?

The answer is: SO MUCH!

Our UK Programmes team have been working around the clock, in close contact with our staff around the world, to ensure people in desperate situations benefit from funds raised - in both the short and the long term.

Muslim Aid’s Feed the Fasting Appeal for Ramadan focused on the one in 10 people around the world who don’t have enough to eat. People at immediate risk of hunger, disease and malnutrition across Africa, the Middle East, South Asia, South East Asia and Europe, from Somalia and Sudan through Yemen, Syria, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Indonesia to Bosnia and Afghanistan.

Your donations paid for enormous bags of rice, essential supplies like oil, wheat, flour, milk, sugar, dates, salt and potato - the kind of items we take for granted but can feel like unimaginable luxury to our beneficiaries. The money also bought fresh vegetables, eggs, chicken, pulses, cans of fish, noodles, cheese, jam and beans. One of the best things about the Feed the Fasting donations is that we offered people vouchers instead of pre-prepared food packages, so individual families could choose what they wanted, giving them dignity and independence.

Ramadan donations were also channelled into separate country Appeals, so our generous donors could choose which cause resonated the most this year.

The deeply shocking situation in Yemen, where one child dies every 10 minutes and over 6000 people are dying of thirst and starvation, was a major focus. People in Yemen desperately need clean water, so Muslim Aid teams are hard at work building sustainable water solutions to help prevent thousands dying from from cholera, which is caused by contact with contaminated water. We are providing rainwater reservoir tanks, water filtration units, specialist food to treat malnutrition and medicine.

We also focused on the vital role water plays for our Gaza and Somalia Appeals. Gaza is one of the most densely populated places on earth, where basic services and infrastructure are sabotaged by conflict. Ramadan 2019 donations help build water installation plants which provide clean, regulated water for thousands of people per day. This is making such a difference to the average Gazan, who is forced to walk through raw sewage in the streets, caused by broken water filtration systems. Less than half the families living in Gaza have access to fresh water, so our installation plants are really improving their lifestyle. We are also making sure that over 900 schools and nurseries have clean water and we are training teachers about how to prevent infection from contaminated water.

And this Ramadan, people in Somalia have been caught up in severe drought, with two million lives at risk. Reports have told us that mothers are leaving villages and walking barefoot for two weeks to get help for their children. Your donations are contributing to the building of borehole water wells that will last for 30 years – enabling people to grow crops and raise livestock to help them through future crises.

Your donations also supported Mother and Baby Clinics in Bangladesh, helping women and their babies survive life-threatening conditions, risky childbirth experiences, risks of miscarriage and stillbirth and the effects of malnourisment and disease. Syrian refugee mothers and children in Lebanon were also a priority, a severe lack of paediatric care means that babies are born in dangerous conditions, hungry and struggling to survive. Your donations also sponsored vulnerable children and helped orphans and widows in other countries.

Muslim Aid's focus on the most needy, the most unprotected, is not just for Ramadan. The work your donations have enabled us to start or continue will be carried on, built upon and offered to more beneficiaries, with a spirit of dedication and commitment by our staff around the globe.

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