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Save Yemen

Poverty, war, and disease is causing death in Yemen. The lack of food, water and medicine means one child (under the age of five) dies every 10 minutes. Millions of the most vulnerable people in Yemen are suffering, and they see no end to their struggles. Your support is essential to save lives this Winter..

The Prophet (saw) “The best of men are the men of Yemen, belief is Yemeni, and I am Yemeni” (Ahmad)

Our beloved Prophet (saw) proudly proclaimed “I am Yemeni”.


Our love and reverence for the Prophet (pbuh) should drive us to show compassion for the people of Yemen who are caught in the grip of disaster and death.


Your support to our Save Yemen Appeal this Winter can show love, solidarity,and comfort to the people of Yemen – as well as the essential aid that will save lives.

£20 – Could save a child this winter, providing a warm winter gift, including a blanket and clothing items.

£60 –  Could provide cash grant to a family this winter.  

£90 – Could provide families with blankets to survive the winter nights.

£135 – Could provide a family with essential heating systems and fuel during the cold winter months.

24 million people are in urgent need of humanitarian aid.

With the lives of 12 million children at risk, starvation, malnutrition, severe dehydration, diarrhoea, easily preventable childhood illnesses – and now Covid19 - are claiming young lives at a staggering rate. Born into the famine, these children have known nothing but suffering, hardship, and hunger.

Help Save Yemen.

Your support can do more for families in Yemen by:

  • Saving malnourished children from the brink of death – nutrition to nourish their weakened bodies
  • Keeping Yemenis alive by providing water, food, and medicines
  • Instilling hope for the future by providing access to education

Please give with generosity to a people loved by the Prophet (saw).

Donate Now. Save Yemen.


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