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Economic Empowerment

Economic Empowerment

Economic Empowerment

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Creating successful communities is at the core of all of our work.

When responding to an immediate need we are already formulating a longer-term strategy that will enable people to look towards the future.

We believe that economic empowerment is at the root of this.

We provide disadvantaged people with interest-free, collateral-free microcredit to help them secure a stable future. With microfinance loans, businesses are set up, individuals prosper and families are provided for. By giving access to funds, communities are able to increase productivity and lift themselves out of poverty.

Our support doesn’t end with finance. We also ensure that growth is nurtured by providing skills training in agriculture, dairy production, poultry, fisheries, food processing, handicrafts, gardening, garment production, small business management and other areas. Our holistic approach to microfinance takes into account the needs of the people,  and places emphasis on skills training and education in tackling poverty at its root.

Over the past two decades, more than 71,000 people have benefited from Muslim Aid’s microfinance programme, in seven countries accross the globe (Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sudan, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Cambodia).

With over £5.5 million invested in income generation strategies so far, it's our mission to continue providing support to the poorest communities. So, whether we’re helping cattle farmers in Indonesia, helping small businesses in Sudan, it's our mission to give poor communities the economic empowerment needed to build a brighter future.

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