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Part of our mission at Muslim Aid is to ensure that people find means to regain their livelihood. No matter what remote part of the world they live in, our goal is to reach out to them, understand their needs and then furnish them with the basic necessities of life such as food, clothes and medicine. Many people today, hundreds of thousands of them, are without proper food and shelter.

Take the women of Mancholai, Sri Lanka for example.

For more than twenty years, women from Mancholai, Sri Lanka have been living without permanent shelter. These women are victims of abuse and torture, forced from evict their homes after violence and conflict threatened their lives. They moved from village to village, finding shelter where possible. Once things finally calmed in their home village, they returned, only to find their homes demolished, and their possessions gone. With the hope of rebuilding their lives again, these strong willed women set up a temporary shelter, but their village still lacked the most basic of necessities, including water. There was no access to clean water which meant that there was not enough supply to cultivate a land for farming and grow crops.

This is where Muslim Aid stepped in.

We initiated the Muslim Aid’s Food Security programme; a programme that empowers people to rebuild their lives one brick at a time. They were given the means to regain their livelihoods. We trained them in crop harvesting and also provided farming tools and business advice. All they needed was a little help to get back on their feet. The locals are now optimistic about their future.

“Having suffered for more than two years, Muslim Aid has given us the required materials and training.” said one young widow. “We are now able to produce vegetables to sell to neighbours and the local market. We are also able to use the produce to feed our children who have been suffering since our displacement.”

For more information on the Muslim Aid Livelihood project, contact Muslim Aid through our website.

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