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Qurbani is a religious obligation that every Muslim partakes in every year after Eid Ul Adha. It is a time when the entire Muslim Ummah comes together to aid their fellow brothers and sisters and a perfect opportunity to reach out to those who need help.

The Qurbani meat is divided into three parts; one for the family; one for the neighbour; and one for the poor. Muslims actively donate the portion to the poor to different charities, relief organisation and other institutions around the world. This act of donation either by giving away meat or through pledges is not only an act worth countless blessings from Allah (SWT), it is also a great deed for humanity that shows how much Muslims value the importance of life.

There are hundreds of thousands of Muslims currently in dire need of assistance. Like our brothers and sisters in Syria; so many have fled to neighbouring countries; yet many millions still remain without an abundance of food, water and other basic provisions. These are the types of people that the Muslim Umma should reach out to. These are the people who are entitled to your Qurbani donation.

Muslim Aid is a UK-based international relief and charity agency. We strive to remain active in areas that are hard hit by famine, ravaged by war or left in pieces by natural disaster. From the war stricken deserts of Syria to the flooded remote villages in Pakistan, we make sure that every Penny of donation we receive from our valued donors reaches the intended recipients.

With Eid Ul Adha just a few weeks away and the Qurbani ritual upon us, Muslim Aid will be actively pledging for Qurbani donations this year. We urge all Muslims to remember the story of Ibrahim and the sacrifice he made. Do your part for humanity and donate your Qurbani this year. May Allah (SWT) accept your Qurbani and that of all the Muslims around the world. Ameen!    

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